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TAYO Fatunla
FACT FINDER for South Africa's May 29 Elections
FACT FINDER for South Africa’s May 29 Elections

*Pretoria, in the province of Gauteng, is the capital of South Africa and bustling (and figures in the May 29 South Africa elections). I asked myself one question. When I traveled from Johannesburg to Pretoria… Who was Paul Kruger?

Everything about this enigma was everywhere in Pretoria. Paul Kruger Road, Paul Kruger statute, museums, and Paul Kruger’s home is now a museum. The Kruger National Park is also named after him.

I asked a staff at his house-turned-museum that surely Paul Kruger was pre-apartheid. She said yes, sounding like a curator of the museum.

Kruger was a vital force in South African politics and Afrikaner culture. One photograph displayed at the Kruger Museum stood out for me. And that is the photo of Black South African Khotso Sethuntsa who served Paul Kruger.

The history of South Africa is incomplete without going as far back as the Paul Kruger years and his leadership before the years of apartheid and when Nelson Mandela became the first Black president of independent South Africa.

Campaign posters in Pretoria for Presidential election
Campaign posters in Pretoria for the Presidential election
Paul Kruger's House now a Museum
Paul Kruger’s House is now a Museum
Papa's Land - Black South Africans in Pretoria street market
Papa’s Land – Black South Africans in Pretoria street market
Church Square at centre of the city of Pretoria
Church Square at centre of the city of Pretoria

Without a past and understanding of Paul Kruger, a Boer, there cannot be a future in which black and white South Africans can now vote for who can rule over them. Campaign for the May 29 elections was in full swing all around Pretoria with posters, flyers, and billboards soliciting South Africans’ votes. Democracy will be the winner of the Wednesday, May 29 elections in South Africa with the governing African National Congress (ANC) likely to face an uphill task to win. My Fact Finder cartoon is a visual journalistic insight.

Comic artist TAYO Fatunla - OUR ROOTS creator
Comic artist TAYO Fatunla – OUR ROOTS creator

TAYO Fatunla whose work has been featured on via is an award-winning British-Nigerian Comic Artist, Editorial Cartoonist, Writer, and Illustrator and is an artist of the African diaspora. He is a graduate of the prestigious Kubert School, in New Jersey, US., and recipient of the 2018 ECBACC Pioneer Lifetime Achievement Award for his illustrated OUR ROOTS creation and series – Famous people in Black History – He participated at UNESCO’s Cartooning In Africa forum held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the Cartooning Global Forum in Paris, France and has held a virtual OUR ROOTS cartoon workshop for SMITHSONIAN- National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C. His Fela Kuti image is prominently featured in Burna Boy’s mega-Afrobeat hit song “Ye”.TAYO is the illustrator behind the pictorial Black history walk map on a lectern that guides the walk-in Camberwell, South East London, U.K.

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