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Since its online launch in 1997, the EUR/Electronic Urban Report
(www.eurweb.com) has become the Internet’s foremost information source for
urban entertainment, sports, politics and opinion. Keep on reading for information about the EURweb media kit

The site is the latest evolution in the media legacy of broadcaster Lee
Bailey, a former radio DJ whose career began in Sacramento, CA upon release
from the Air Force. It was in the ’70s that Bailey found major-market on-air
success on Washington DC and Los Angeles radio. In addition to spinning the
hits, Bailey had a penchant for sharing with his audience the latest news
he’d get from inside sources in the world of black music.

Indeed, it was Bailey’s own voracious interest in behind-the-scenes goings
on that inspired him to create and produce the trailblazing RadioScope, the
internationally syndicated infotainment program. In addition to giving
listeners the daily scoop on blacks in music, television and film, “The
Entertainment Magazine of the Air” broke some of the biggest stories in the
last four decades.

It was RadioScope that gave the public its first listen to Prince’s 1984
landmark “Purple Rain” soundtrack  weeks before its release. It was Bailey,
entertainment writer Steven Ivory and RadioScope that had the inside track
on the legendary Michael Jackson’s storied career, getting direct quotes
from the future King of Pop when all other media outlets couldn’t break the
Jackson camp’s impenetrable wall of silence. Radioscope quickly became the
go-to source for other media reporting on black entertainment.

Today, the EUR/Electronic Urban Report continues Lee Bailey’s tradition of
breaking the real story. With an ever-growing readership that spans the
globe, the EUR (www.eurweb.com) is where audiences come to be informed and

With the EUR you’ll get daily updates on all your favorite icons/celebrities
like: Jay-Z, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Diddy, Kanye, Janet, Michael, Prince, Snoop,
Denzel, Halle, Jamie, LeBron, Kobe, Shaq and many, many more.

Plus, with our on-going coverage of the White House, politics and
urban/black culture in general, you won’t miss out on news that important to

*Corris Macon, Bakersfield CA:
“Dear EUR, let me first begin this letter by saying that this is the
best online magazine that I have read and believe me I have subscribed
and unsubscribed to quite a few!”

*Alan L. Glenn, San Francisco, CA:
“Dear EUR: I love your publication and read it each and every day.
I find it informative, thought provoking and it always keeps me attuned
to current events as they affect our community.”

*Bonnie Johnson, Washington, DC:
“I just want to say after reading about R.Kelly, Foxy Brown, JFK, Jr.,
Will Smith and many others I am impressed with this newsletter. I look
forward to receiving it everyday, for without you I would not know what
is happening via the computer world as opposed to the newspaper.
You are doing a great job of getting the news out to the readers whether
they like the subject or not.  Sometimes you make your readers angry
and other times you make us laugh. Nevertheless, keep on keeping on!
I Love ya … ”

*L. Fitzgerald, Atlanta, GA:
“I know at least two well-known radio personalities in two different
cities that use the EUR news for their morning enterainment news!
EUR’s information is reliable, therefore, a lot of radio
personalities use it!”

*Micki Gamez, 104.3FM, Austin TX:
“You guys @ EUR make my job so much easier keepin
me up on The Latin culture & Black culture…Pop Culture… the
Entertainment scene, movies, important dates EVERYTHING!
I am a Latina workin’ in the broadcasting industry and its very
important that I relate to my audience and you all @ EUR help
me do that everyday! Thanks so much, Micki”

*Walter Petty, USS TRENTON:
“Thanks for all the information. I am forward deployed our great
U.S. Navy and receiving your infotainments really keep me up to par
on the turn of events that are happening back there in the states.
Please keep up the GOOD WORK!”

We guarantee when you get hooked up to the EUR, you’ll be among the very
first to know the latest entertainment news. And remember, it’s FREE!

The EUR/EURweb is a service of Rabercom Enterprises, headed by urban radio legend Lee Bailey. To contact us, click HERE or call 323-254-9599. You can also write to us (via snail mail) at: PO Box 412081 – Los Angeles, CA -90041 – USA

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