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Bishop T.D. Jakes Denies Getting Litty at Diddy’s Sex Parties | WATCH

*A spokesperson for T.D. Jakes is responding to reports that the famed bishop attended many of Diddy’s kinky gay sex parties. "Recent claims circulating on...

Shannon Sharpe Catches Heat for Lusting Over Megan Thee Stallion | WATCH

*Shannon Sharpe is catching heat online for lusting over Megan Thee Stallion. Sharpe, 55, and his co-host on the Nightcap podcast, Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, 45, reacted...

Ladies Choice! Great Sex Wins Over a 5-Star Meal | WATCH

*Attention all fellas! The ladies have spoken, choosing an episode of great sex over a 5-star meal. And the decision is final! 🙂 The preference came...

Sexyy Red Dumbfounded by the Word ‘Vulva’ | WATCH

*Rapper Sexyy Red recently admitted that she’s never heard of the word “vulva.” During a conversation with Caleb Pressley on Sundae Conversation on Oct. 29, the...



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