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The Rise and Fall of Danielle Johnson: Once an LA Astrology Maven – Now a Solar Eclipse Assassin | VIDEO

*As we reported earlier, Danielle Johnson, an LA-based online astrologer, crashed her Porsche into a tree near the corner of PCH and Vincent Street in front of Saint James Catholic Church in Redondo Beach, killing herself.

Johnson’s accident/suicide was after she stabbed her boyfriend to death and left her two kids on the freeway where one of them, an 8-month-old was killed.

The girl witnessed the deadly events and told investigators what had happened, according to a law enforcement source.

Now the LA Times has followed up with a story focusing on Johnson’s mother, Sharonda Cole, and how she’s dealing with the tragedy the events and issues Danielle Johnson was dealing with that most likely led to the horrible string of deadly events.

Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson - via X
Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson – via X

The medical examiner meticulously narrated the unfolding tragedy, each detail a painful dagger in Sharonda Cole’s heart.

First, the devastating news: Cole’s daughter had perished in a pre-dawn collision along the Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach. The impact, at over 100 mph, crumpled her car against a tree.

Tears welled in Cole’s eyes.

“A woman’s face and red hair,” the examiner continued, displaying a family photo of Danielle Johnson, an online astrologer and self-professed ‘divine healer.’

But the agony didn’t end there. The examiner revealed a darker truth: Cole’s granddaughters, aged 9 and 8 months, had either fallen or been pushed from their mother’s vehicle on the 405 Freeway before the fatal crash. The baby perished instantly, while the elder sister managed to reach safety, flagging down help.

Jaelen Chaney was killed by his partner, Danielle Johnson, in their Woodland Hills apartment. (Facebook)
Jaelen Chaney – killed by his partner – Danielle Johnson, in their Woodland Hills apartment. (Facebook)

Cole’s heart plummeted deeper.

“And then there was Jae (Jaelen Chaney) — the worst,” Cole recounted. “They said she murdered her boyfriend.”

Authorities pieced together a harrowing narrative: Johnson fatally stabbed Jaelen Chaney in their Woodland Hills apartment.

“I couldn’t bear it,” Cole lamented. “My heart was breaking.”

Behind Johnson’s public persona as Danielle Ayoka, a revered astrologer and healer, lurked inner turmoil. Despite her significant online following and acclaim, she battled demons unseen.

Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson - via X
Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson – via X

“Mystic Lipstick,” her mother revealed, was more than just a brand; it was a façade concealing Johnson’s struggles with mental health and postpartum depression.

“Nobody knew what was happening because she was so good at seeming like she was good,” Cole said. “But she was not good for a while.”

As interest in her spiritual guidance soared, Johnson’s own turmoil intensified. Her online messages grew increasingly ominous, particularly fixating on an impending solar eclipse as a harbinger of doom.

How could someone devoted to healing others be so broken herself?”

Lord knows THAT’s the question. Get the rest of this detailed story HERE at the LA Times.

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