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Comedy Legend Michael Colyar Returns to Venice Beach for Historic Comedy Special ‘The KING of Venice Beach’ on May 17

Michael Colyar - The King of Venice Beach
Michael Colyar – The King of Venice Beach

*Michael Colyar, the legendary comedian whose journey from homelessness and addiction to sobriety and stardom has inspired millions is making history and giving back to the homeless again. Colyar is returning to where it all began nearly four decades ago – the iconic Venice Beach.

Colyar will be at the world-famous locale to film his historic one-hour comedy special titled “The KING of Venice Beach” on May 17, 2024.

Yep, the old man still thinks he’s funny. When Colyar won “Star Search” for $100,000 back in the 90s he promptly gave $50,000 to the homeless. And, Colyar’s commitment to giving back remains unwavering.

For nine years straight, Michael Colyar graced the vibrant sands of Venice Beach with his magnetic presence, captivating audiences with five one-hour shows a day, every weekend.

With starring roles in iconic films like “Blackish,” “House Party III,” “Norbit,” and “The Princess & The Frog,” as well as his memorable portrayal of Mr. Whitaker on the beloved television series “Martin,” Colyar carved out a place for himself in the annals of entertainment history.

Michael Colyar - The King of Venice Beach
Michael Colyar – The King of Venice Beach

He continues to spread joy and laughter to those in need, extending his performances beyond the spotlight to shelters, rehabilitation centers, schools, prisons, and military bases.

His dedication to using his talent for the betterment of others further solidifies his place as not only a beloved entertainer but also a compassionate humanitarian.

Colyar commented, “Look, I just love people and I feel like we have a responsibility to look out for one another. Am I my brother’s keeper, you damn right, and my sisters, too.”

“The KING of Venice Beach” goes beyond entertainment. As part of his commitment to giving back to the community, Michael Colyar will be giving away 1,986 blessing bags to the homeless, packed with essential personal hygiene products and more.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the comedy concert will be donated to the St. Joseph Center in Venice, California, an organization dedicated to assisting those affected by poverty and homelessness through various initiatives.

Michael Colyar x 3
Michael Colyar x 3

Michael Colyar has embarked on a remarkable journey to gather the necessary funding for his groundbreaking project with the support of friends, family, community members, fans, and several prominent stars. “I have stolen, lied, tricked, begged, and borrowed to GET to the GOOD,” added Colyar.

In addition to his ambitious project and philanthropic efforts, Mr. Colyar is also making waves with his captivating morning show, “The Michael Colyar Morning Show,” five days a week, 7 am PST, now in its 800th episode.

This daily dose of entertainment and insight offers viewers a unique blend of humor, wisdom, and inspiration.

The Michael Colyar Morning Show was designed to be a place where people can come and start every day with laughter and prayer. Michael shared, “If you start your morning with laughter and prayer, you create a wall of positivity around you that no negativity can penetrate.”

We told you the boy is busy on top of the upcoming special! Mr. Colyar also does a morning show 5-days a week (he just passed 800 shows) and he has a new late-night show with his brand new wife (178 days and counting) called, “15 Minutes with Me and My Wife,” on Instagram and a jaw-droppingly beautiful children’s book titled “Little Bobby White,” a story of a kid who always wins because he always chooses to do the right thing.

You can grab the book on Amazon for $15 dollars and for $2 dollars more, they will bring it to your house tomorrow….and Michael believes Oprah Winfrey is going to hold this book up as one of her favorite books of the year.

Michael Colyar is presently on his 100-city nationwide tour, featuring his acclaimed one-man play, “Michael Colyar’s Momma.”

From hosting events such as super sensual seductive car washes to enlisting the help of adorable Girl Scouts selling cookies, Mr. Colyar has demonstrated his unwavering determination to transform a creative vision into a tangible reality.

Through this endeavor, he not only aims to entertain but also to shed light on and raise crucial funds for the homeless.

By supporting this project, donors not only play a vital role in bringing to life an extraordinary comedy special but also actively contribute to improving the lives of the homeless through Michael Colyar’s generous initiative.

Every contribution not only fuels the creative endeavor but also serves as a beacon of hope for those in need.

If you’re inspired to be a part of this meaningful project, you can make your contribution to Mr. Colyar’s Zelle account at Michael Colyar /[email protected].

Embodying compassion, Colyar’s initiative extends beyond mere celebration as he commits to uplifting those in need, distributing $10 gift cards to the homeless, and fostering a culture of generosity and goodwill.

Join us in making a difference and spreading laughter with purpose.

To learn more about “The KING of Venice Beach” and updates, follow Michael Colyar on social media: Twitter & Instagram: @michael_colyar.
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Michael Colyar - The King of Venice Beach
Michael Colyar – The King of Venice Beach

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