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Toni Braxton Talks Sex after 50, Loss of Sister Traci, Lupus Battle on ‘Sherri’ Encore | WATCH

Toni Braxton on the daytime talk show "Sherri"
Toni Braxton on “Sherri”

*Toni Braxton appeared on Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show back in May and the two got into a variety of topics, including sex in their 50s and whether or not God cares if they are late-in-life hoes.

Braxton, 55, was coy about the whole sex topic. “I’m not going to work and talk,” she said on the episode, which aired again last week. Sherri, however, proclaimed that not only is it healthy to sow your wild oats in your 50s, but it should be guilt-free.

“It ain’t too late. We can be as freaky as we want,” Sherri said. “At this age, you really think God cares if we are a hoe?”

Sherri asked Braxton about her abundance of sad songs. Toni recalled a request she got from a billionaire in Italy once to serenade him and his estranged girlfriend with “Un-Break My Heart.”

“Apparently they broke up and he did something bad,” she said. “He wanted to me to sing ‘Un-Break My Heart’ to the two of them.” Toni said that after her performance, the girl eventually forgave her boyfriend, and, “They got engaged later.”

Toni Braxton on the daytime talk show "Sherri"
Toni Braxton on ‘Sherri’ – screenshot

Toni also talked about her late sister Traci Braxton, who died in 2022 after a private battle with esophageal cancer. Asked if she enjoyed filming the family’s WE tv reality series “Braxton Family Values” for seven seasons and 10 years, Toni said it was bittersweet because while she hated doing the show, she was grateful to have a family video with Traci documented on video.

“I didn’t really like reality TV. I’m participating in it. I love watching it. The silver lining is I got 10 years of memories with my sister Traci and all of us together,” she said.

The interview wrapped with Toni getting emotional over her battle with lupus. The R&B singer talked about undergoing heart surgery in September 2022 after doctors discovered that 80% of her main artery was blocked due to her SLE lupus. The singer had a coronary stent placed on her left main artery.

“I was really sad because my sister Traci just passed, so my heart was aching,” the star said as tears began to well. Toni said if she hadn’t gone to her doctor for testing, she would have had a massive heart attack. “I would not be here talking to you today,” she added.

The singer teamed with the pharmaceutical company Aurinia for it’s “Get Uncomfortable” campaign encouraging folks to get regular checkups, blood work and urine tests.

“You gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Toni said.

“Just go tinkle in the cup, get some bloodwork done, check on your body,” she added.

Watch the full interview below.

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