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SWV’s Coko Has a Son With a Member of This 90s’ Rap Group

Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler of Digable Planets and Coko of SWV with their newborn, Ishmael Butler
Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler of Digable Planets and Coko of SWV with their newborn, Ishmael Butler – Instagram

*The website ILoveOldSchoolMusic.com is reminding folks that Coko Clemons of SWV had at least two relationships with famous music artists, one of which resulted in the eldest of her two sons.

Rapper and singer-songwriter Jazz Ishmael Butler, known by his stage name Lil Tracy, was born on Oct. 3, 1995 to Coko and her then boyfriend Ishmael Butler, better known as Butterfly from the 90s rap group Digable Planets. The trio, including Mariana “Ladybug Mecca” Vieira, and Craig “Doodlebug” Irving, helped to cement the genre of jazz hip hop with their classic 1992 debut single “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat).”

By 1995, SWV was in between their first and second albums and had dominated radio with the tracks “Anything,” “I’m So Into You,” “Right Here,” “Weak” and “Downtown.”

Coko and Butterfly, total opposites it would seem, managed to keep their relationship largely secret. In a 2000 interview with Honey magazine, the SWV songstress said of her then ex-boyfriend, “People would ask us, ‘What do y’all talk about?’ because we’re really different. I watch TV, he doesn’t. I eat fried food and pork. He doesn’t. So some things were really weird, but he taught me a lot and he learned some things from me. But I think we were too different for it to really last.”

“He’s a good father,” she continues, “and he was special. We have a special bond, a special relationship. He’s a good man. He’s going to make somebody a good husband.”

ILoveOldSchoolMusic.com points out that Ishmael wasn’t the only artist who Coko dated.

Coko and Garfield Bright
Coko and Garfield Bright – Instagram

She also had romantic ties to Garfield Bright of the ’90s group Shai, best known for their monster ballad, “If I Ever Fall In Love.”

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