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Brittany Howard on the Sparkling World of Netflix’s ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ | EUR Exclusive Video Interview

Brittany Howard Thelma the Unicorn interview
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*In an exclusive conversation with musician Brittany Howard, the creative force behind the new Netflix animated film “Thelma the Unicorn,” we explore the whimsical world of Thelma, a humble pony with dreams as big as her heart. 

“Thelma is a little pony who has big dreams of being a singing star and some amazing sparkling things happen to her, so she gets a taste of that fame,” Howard told EUR’s Ny MaGee. “And then it’s her journey of experiencing what fame is really like. And it’s a beautiful story just about being authentic to yourself and loving who you are. I think everyone’s really going to enjoy the really funny humor in this movie and the music, and I’m so excited just to see what all the kids think.”

Directed by Jared Hess of “Napoleon Dynamite” fame and Lynn Wang (“Unikitty!”), the film follows Thelma’s extraordinary journey from obscurity to global fame after a magical transformation turns her into a unicorn. However, as glittering as her newfound stardom may seem, there’s more to Thelma’s story than meets the eye. 

Per the official synopsis, Thelma is a small-time pony who dreams of becoming a glamorous music star. In a pink and glitter-filled moment of fate, Thelma is transformed into a unicorn and instantly rises to global stardom. But this new life of fame comes at a cost.”

The cast includes Will Forte, Jemaine Clement, Edi Patterson, Maliaka Mitchell, Ally Dixon, Fred Armisen, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Heder. Watch the trailer below.

I’m from a small town, Thelma’s from a small town, and we both had service jobs. So she was hauling manure and I was hauling the mail. And I had always dreamed like, okay, maybe one day there’s more to life than this and I can do my real passion, which is singing,” Howard told EUR about how she resonates with Thelma.

“I had all these friends around me encouraging me this whole time. And where our paths started to diverge, Thelma got picked up by some Hollywood characters and they’re trying to take her on this path of, “Well, if we change this, change that, change that, you’ll be a superstar.” Whereas I kind of just remained the same, which I think was the right choice in the first place… that’s kind of how we can relate,” Howard continued. 

“Also, Thelma, she’s hard-headed and she got a little bit of an attitude problem, and I can relate on that too,” she added. 

Watch my full conversation with Brittney Howard in the clip below.

“Thelma The Unicorn” debuts on Netflix on May 17th.

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