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Sinbad Voices Belief That 2010 Joke Led to Stroke: ‘Be Careful What You Talk About’ | VIDEO

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* The power of words can have a far-reaching effect. Just ask Sinbad. Although the former “A Different World” funnyman continues doing what he loves, he believes a joke he told in 2010 could have inadvertently led to the severe stroke he had in 2020.

Sinbad reflected on the joke and his stroke during a recent appearance at the Netflix Is A Joke Festival, according to Madame Noire. Citing his 2010 comedy special Where U Been?, the 67-year-old entertainer (born David Adkins) recalled the zinger, which centered around wanting a woman who “understands the signs of stroke,”

Turns out, the joke was not a funny one at all, Sinbad admitted to his fans as he dropped a serious bit of caution to think on.

“Be careful what you talk about,” he warned. “Remember I did my joke about having a stroke? Be careful what you talk about ’cause you’re bringing [that] into fruition.”

A decade after telling the controversial gag, Sinbad got a stroke, which took a physical toll on him, causing paralysis in his left leg and hand. As his wife Meredith Adkins and kids stood beside him at Netflix Is A Joke, the comedian was thankful he is still here and physically able to do something as simple as walking, among other things.

“It is a miracle for me to come out tonight, even to be walking with that staff. I feel good that I can do that because the left side of my body was affected. My left hand, my left leg just quit,” he shared at the May 6 event before switching topics. It was then that he recognized and thanked Meredith for her love and support throughout his recovery.

“Thank God I did have the woman I talked about. Let me tell you something about a stroke. This is your marriage vows, better or worse, in good health, bad health, rich or poor. This is who you find out what kind of person you got, who loves you. Because I know with some of the dumb stuff that I did in my marriage. I know some days when I’m in this wheelchair at the top of the steps, I know what you’re thinking, ‘I know what you did. Let’s take a ride,’” Sinbad joked to the laughter of Meredith and the audience

“I depend on this woman for my total survival, and I’m thankful for her,” he added.

Sinbad’s struggle generated headlines as well as concern from fans, many of whom were among those in the crowd for his Netflix Is A Joke set. Judging by the reaction, the “Jingle All The Way” star was a welcome sight that showed no signs of ring rust while dishing out his brand of humor while recovering from his stroke.


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Sinbad’s vulnerability was appreciated by fans who were happy to see him and hear his powerful message.

“Lmao, damn, it feels good hearing him on that mic again. Keep recovering legend!” one Instagram user wrote, as another user gave a thumbs up to Sinbad’s love for Meredith.

“It’s the public and genuine appreciation of his wife’s commitment for me,” the other user stated.

Following suit, a third user couldn’t help but notice that Sinbad has not missed a step, saying, “Seeing him tell a joke in front of a crowd makes me so happy for him. Still has them in the palm of his hand.”

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