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Four Years Later: George Floyd’s Memory Inspires Action and Reflection | WATCH

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeing George Floyd

*When George Floyd tragically lost his life under the knee of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Memorial Day in 2020, the world watched in horror. His death ignited a global wave of protests and an urgent call for change. Four years later, his memory remains a powerful catalyst for action.

“We can never forget. We can never stop talking about George Floyd. We can never unsee what we saw in 2020,” emphasized Leslie E. Redmond, Executive Director of the nonprofit Win Back.

To honor George Floyd’s enduring legacy, Win Back organized its inaugural Day of Remembrance on Friday (05-23-24). The commemoration began with a solemn interfaith prayer service at city hall, setting a reflective tone for the day.

The event continued with a heartfelt brunch, featuring poignant speeches from notable figures like Attorney General Keith Ellison, former Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

“I like to say COVID-19 shut the world down and George Floyd opened it back up. We can never forget this happened in our own backyard,” Redmond told Fox 9, highlighting the profound impact of Floyd’s death on the community.

In addition to the prayer service and brunch, Win Back hosted a teen summit where young people from across the Midwest gathered to discuss the progress made since 2020 and to strategize on how to move forward. This summit provided a platform for the next generation to voice their perspectives and commitments to change.

“It was a heavy day,” Redmond recounted. “George Floyd’s nephew Brandon Williams flew in from Texas just for this occasion. He spoke of the deep grief still felt, but also expressed joy at seeing people continue to remember and commit to transformation.”

Organizers of the Day of Remembrance saw the event as an opportunity to reflect, heal, and build a stronger community. They have vowed to hold a day of remembrance every year in George Floyd’s honor, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire meaningful action and positive change.

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