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An Annoyed Cam’ron Promotes His Sex Stimulant Drink During Diddy Interview on CNN | WATCH

Cam'ron on CNN
Screenshot of rapper Cam’ron during CNN interview

*Cam’ron appeared on CNN Monday night to discuss the video of Sean “Diddy” Combs violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

During the conversation with host Abby Phillip, Cam drank his sex stimulant HorsePower, and promoted the product. He even questioned why he was booked to discuss the Diddy drama for the CNN slot, KTLA reports.

Abby asked the rapper about the recently leaked hotel surveillance footage that shows Combs physically assaulting Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel room in 2016.

Cam’ron told viewers that “I don’t support any of that, trafficking minors, domestic violence, I’m totally against it.

He also noted that while he knows Combs, he is not “necessarily a friend.”

Diddy assaulting Cassie - via CNN
Diddy assaulting Cassie – via CNN screenshot

After taking a few sips from his libido supplement drink, Cam’ron told Abby, “I’m gonna’ go get some cheeks after this horse power drink.”

He then promoted his podcast, stating “my show does come on 8am eastern on YouTube, it’s called It Is What It Is, make sure y’all check it out.”

Phillip asked, “What about the industry in general, so many people have pointed out that Diddy couldn’t get away with this stuff if there weren’t a lot of people protecting him, do you think that’s the case?”

Cam’ron becomes visibly annoyed and asks, “who the talent agent for this joint?” and added, “Yo, who booked me for this joint?”

“I’m not sitting around watching Diddy and all that,” Cam stated.

After the NewsNight segment aired, Cam’ron took to Instagram to post “f*** they invite me on CNN for?”.

Watch his conversation with CNN’s Abby Phillips below.


Jemele Hill reacted to Cam’s post-interview comments, writing on X/Twitter, “Something ain’t adding up.”

She added, “I’ve done CNN hundreds of times, including Abby’s show. Before every single appearance, a producer tells me or someone on my team what my segment is about and the types of questions that I’ll be asked. If you aren’t a regular, the producers typically insist on a pre-interview with either you or someone on your team, who relays your talking points.”

Hill continued, “So either 1) a producer didn’t tell him or his team what kind of questions he would be asked or 2) a producer told him or someone on his team and he purposely decided to use this opportunity as a publicity stunt anyway … or someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he was being asked,” she posted.

“And I’m betting that if someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he would be asked, they’re not going to admit that they messed up,” Hill wrote, “Also, if a producer not being on their job led to this, today is going to be a tough day for that person.”

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