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Dondré Whitfield Releases New Book Male vs. Man

*Today’s culture of manhood is mired in contradictions.

For generations, we defined manhood through the lens of fundamental anthropological male priorities: the ability and responsibility to protect, to procreate and to provide.

Now, the availability and abundance of food, the relative safety of our communities and morphing social norms no longer require men to possess or nurture these traits for them or their families to thrive.

So how do we train young men in this new paradigm, which also now includes the #MeToo and Times Up era?

Dondré Whitfield is an Emmy-nominated actor who most recently starred in “Queen Sugar” (OWN Network), a transformational speaker and co-creator of the global movement, The Manhood Tour. His newest role is author of the upcoming Male vs. Man: How to Honor Women, Teach Children, and Elevate Men to Change the World (Zondervan, 4/7/20), a playbook for men who want to level up and become men, rather than simply grown males.

The book opens by defining that difference: a male looks to be served, a man seeks to be of service. While males create chaos instead of cultivating calm and are stuck in negative cycles that we hear and read about daily, men take responsibility for their actions and for the actions of those who follow their leadership. Whitfield also explains that some men/males today are caught in the shifting cultural ideas about manhood, unsure of how to make decisions or act.

Whitfield’s goal is to help readers understand how the definition of manhood has changed and to transform males so that they obtain “man status.” He wants to assist men to elevate themselves higher in every area of their lives, while also help women identify the difference between males and men so they can better choose a partner.

Male vs. Man offers practical guidance and a strong spiritual foundation, showing how to cultivate the life-changing spiritual, emotional, and psychological attributes of servant leadership at home, at work, and in our communities.

“Helping males grow into men is vitally important to me. Honestly, what I will share in this book is born out of a lifetime of experiences, much of it filled with failure, and several seasons of empathetic healing. My life was forever changed the day I realized the following: every man you meet is a male, but not every male you meet is a man. That realization has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Male vs. Man will help male and female readers alike understand what real manhood is today, based on traditional wisdom as well as hard-earned lessons from someone who has been there.

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Male vs Man

About the Author:
Dondré Whitfield is a veteran TV actor and three-time Emmy and NAACP Image award nominee who has appeared with industry heavyweights such as John Travolta, Helen Mirren, David Oyelowo, Michael B. Jordan and Kevin Hart. He is best known for his role as Remy Newell on the critically acclaimed series “Queen Sugar,” created and produced by Golden Globe-nominee Ava DuVernay and co-executive produced by Oprah Winfrey on the OWN Network. Off-camera, Whitfield, who is passionate about helping address the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st century, co-created The Manhood Tour, a global movement committed to awakening the consciousness of men, giving them the keys to effective and impactful leadership, and teaching them how to tap into their talents and live them to the highest degree. He has traveled throughout the country speaking on behalf of the movement, inspiring youth to overcome distractions and modeling for young men and peers the concept of servant leadership and what it means to “be a man.” He is currently Ambassador for Delta Airlines’ annual Dream Flight and Ambassador for the PGA’s Beyond the Green mentoring program for youth and college students. Learn more at Dondre Whitfield.

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