Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kenya Moore Claps Back at NeNe Leakes’ Claim Her Marriage is Fake and She Paid for Egg Donor

kenya moore and nene leakes

*Kenya Moore is firing back at Nene Leakes’ claim that Moore is not legally married to husband Marc Daly and that she did not use her own eggs to conceive their 1-year-old daughter Brooklyn Doris.

“Yes, I’m legally married. I have my marriage certificate. I have witnesses,” she told ExtraTV (via PEOPLE) “She’s basically calling pretty much everyone in Turks and Caicos a lie, my family a lie … I just think that she crosses lines. She’s a vile person, and kids are off-limits.”

We previously reported.. during Sunday’s season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Leakes said Moore had a “handshake” agreement with Daly and “paid” to have a baby with him.

“Kenya’s marriage license has never ever been found by no one. She ain’t JLo. She ain’t Beyoncé, and they found their marriage license but they can’t find hers. They are not legally married, so there is nothing to divorce. I heard it was a handshake and an agreement that they get together and have a baby and she paid for them,” Leakes said.

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She then implied that Kenya didn’t use her own egg to conceive her daughter. 

“I am not anywhere talking about that because that’s her baby,” Leakes said. “You see me on a red carpet asking where her eggs were found, saying it was Marc’s sperm and some eggs that they bought or found out of the country somewhere — that’s why the baby looks so much like him.”

“It was Marc’s sperm and some eggs that they bought or found out of the country somewhere,” Leakes said. “That’s why the baby looks so much like him.”

Moore told ExtraTV she wasn’t surprised to be the target of Leakes’ attacks.

“I just think when people make comments like that it is to try to hurt them where they are most vulnerable,” she said. “It is who she is. … She is who she is. She’s never going to change.”

“I have been a target of her attacks because I simply have seen her for who she is,” she added. “She never supported me during my pregnancy and even now that my beautiful baby is here … making these accusations and targeting my family.”


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