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‘The Barnes Bunch’ Exclusive Clip: ‘Matt Makes Plans Without Telling Anansa’ | Watch

The Barnes Bunch

*We have an exclusive clip of this week’s episode of the new reality series “The Barnes Bunch,” which airs on Friday (May 17) at 10 pm ET on WE tv.

In our preview of the upcoming new episode, Anansa finds out Matt invited his sister to their Christmas photoshoot without her knowing. Watch the moment via the YouTube clip below.

Per the news release: “The Barnes Bunch” follows NBA champion and successful Podcaster, Matt Barnes, alongside his fiancée, model and reality personality, Anansa Sims, as they navigate love, forgiveness, and personal growth while reconciling their past. Both incredibly active and supportive parents, they are often aided by Sims’ mother, supermodel and New York Times Bestselling author, Beverly Johnson. Amid their chaotic lives with a blended family of six kids, now they confront the challenge of conquering their complex history to forge a future together and build a lasting union. The stakes are even higher as they navigate co-parenting, family dynamics, fame, and their growing empire.”

“With six children between them, ranging from teenagers to preteens, the Barnes and Sims household is a bustling hub of activity. From juggling school events to managing sports schedules, their lives are a whirlwind of chaos and love,” per EUR’s Jill Munroe.

“It’s amazing, but also, sometimes it’s hectic and crazy…So it’s hectic, it’s fun, it’s a learning experience. And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sims told EURweb in an exclusive interview.

Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes

Per Jill Munroe’s EUR article, “Amidst their family commitments, both Matt and Anansa are also pursuing their individual careers. Matt’s transition from athlete to podcast host and now a production company owner has been a transformative journey.”

He shared, “The growth of our podcast has been tremendous…It’s allowed me not to have to travel as much now, so a lot of work is from home, shooting shows here and then creating shows here.”

New episodes of “The Barnes Bunch” air weekly on Fridays at 10 PM ET/9PM CT on WE tv.

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