Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Gillie Da Kid: Young Black Men Should Pray for Jail, Believes It Saves Lives

Gillie Da Kid advises young men to pray for jail time
Gillie Da Kid / screenshot

*Former hip-hop artist Gillie Da Kid suggests that young Black men in the streets should pray for jail because the experience can save lives.

“All the young boys out here in the streets, if you believe in God, ask God to send you jail…because when it go down, it’s going to go down and I rather you be in jail than go to heaven,” he noted in a recent social media post, according to Moguldom.

He added, “A lot of you ni**ers need a 5 to 10…they act like jail is such a bad thing, but it saved a lot of ni**ers’ lives….So, if you believe in God, ask then pray he send you to jail. There’s no coming back heaven….There’s no coming back from heaven.”

Black Twitter reacted swiftly to his remarks, with one user writing, “I’m not saying pray to God for jail vs hell but understand he talking to kids who probably won’t change at all. Unfortunately a lot of kids won’t never changed their ways until it’s over. Some people need to hit their face before learning it hurts.

Another X user added, “How bout get out the streets.”

Man behind bars (in jail) - Depositphotos
Man behind bars (in jail) – Depositphotos

A third wrote, “This the worst advice ever. Nobody needs jail to get right. They need time and solitude and a chance to collect themselves which they don’t have a chance to do out there. The time away is what’s beneficial not jail itself.”

One person commented,  “Don’t listen to a fake street nigga That’s not trying to find his son’s killer.”

Gillie’s eldest son, David “YNG Cheese” Spady, was fatally shot at age 25 in July 2023, Moguldom reports. 

Watch his remarks about black males praying for jail time in the clip below.

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