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Nathan Wade Criticized by Ex for Trying to Cut Alimony After Receiving $53K Paycheck

Nathan Wade - GettyImages
Nathan Wade – GettyImages

*The estranged wife of former Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade claims he is attempting to cut alimony after receiving a $53K paycheck.

We reported previously that Wade, who lost his prosecutor position in the Donald Trump election fraud case due to his affair with District Attorney Fani Willis, cited financial hardship to avoid paying alimony to his estranged wife, Joycelyn Wade.

Joycelyn accused her ex of contempt of court in a divorce filing. According to the Daily Mail, she asserts she’s unable to cover the bills on her own since Wade ceased child support payments for their two children.

After stepping down from the Georgia Trump case, Wade claims he cannot fulfill the terms of his temporary agreement with Jocelyn. But Jocelyn claims he received over $53,000 in paychecks three days after he filed an emergency motion to reduce his support payments in their divorce case.

Joycelyn’s lawyers recently filed court papers alleging that Wade received payments from Fulton County for his work on the Trump case, and more payments are expected to roll in, the New York Post reports.

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade (Elijah Nouvelage-Reuters-File)
Fani Willis and Nathan Wade (Elijah Nouvelage-Reuters-File)

“There appears to be no plausible explanation other than [Wade’s] deceitfulness to justify his pursuit of emergency relief from this court on April 8, 2024, alleging essentially insolvency when he had received $53,000 only three days prior,” wrote Andrea Hastings, a lawyer for Joyceyln.

“Thus, it is reasonable to infer that there are further outstanding payments due to [Wade] that likely have not been disbursed as of the current date,” Hastings added.

Wade sought to reduce his support payments amid Joycelyn’s accusations that he refused to cover her medical bills and financially support their two children as part of a temporary settlement reached in January.

In April, she alleged that Nathan failed to pay $4,400 in child support, The Post reports.

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