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Erica Banks’ Big Ol’ BBL Has Twitter/X Talkin’ and it Ain’t Complimentary | LOOK!

Erica Banks' Big Ol' BBL Has Twitter/X Talkin' - Instagram
Erica Banks (BBL) – Instagram

*Like Michael Jackson and Lil Kim before her, she went too far. The “she” we’re referring to is rapper Erica Banks who is trending on Twitter.

Why’s she trending? Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with her music. We already gave you a clue with the MJ and Lil Kim references.

The rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member is catching it on X/Twitter after a video displaying her Super-sized BBL sparked a flurry of reactions.

Banks already had a BBL and it was well-proportioned, as IceCreamConvos noted.

however, like Michael, Lil Kim, and others who became addicted to “enhancing” their bodies, for whatever reason, she’s gone too far.

In a 2022 interview, Banks revealed she got a BBL because she was convinced it would help her career.

“I knew in the career field that it would help. I got it because I knew it’s something I had to do, and it’s also something I wanted to do because I’m just not a gym girl.”

Oh, so since she’s not a “gym girl,” she wanted to do it the easy way. Well, we see how that worked out. This is one of those cases where bigger isn’t better.

Check out what Black Twitter is saying ’bout her round mound.

OK, now you know how folks on X/Twitter feel about Erica Banks’ new booty. So, what about you? Scroll down and let us know how YOU feel about the situation.

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