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Project 21 and Black Conservatives Cheer Claudine Gay’s Resignation As Harvard President | VIDEOs

*Bottom line: Black conservatives are stoked over news that Harvard President Claudine Gay announced her resignation today as Harvard’s first Black and second female president, making her the shortest-tenured president in Harvard’s history.

During Gay’s recent testimony before Congress, when asked if antisemitic acts and calling for the genocide of Jews violated school rules, Gay replied that such acts were “context-dependent.”

Following that testimony, accusations of antisemitism and racism have been made against Gay, along with dozens of allegations of plagiarism.

Several ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network have responded to Gay’s resignation.

Horace Cooper - Fox News screenshot
Horace Cooper – Fox News screenshot

Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper:
Since her congressional testimony I’ve called upon President Gay to resign. Her continued presence as Harvard’s president created the false impression that only mediocre blacks could ever hold prestigious positions.

The Ivy League schools are so fixated on woke advocates to lead their institutions that they’ve ignored remarkably talented individuals like Condoleezza Rice (a scholar and talented school administrator in her own right) who were well suited for leadership.

High standards aren’t anti-black. Low standards are.

Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson:
It’s shameful that it took the outcry of the student body to challenge the Harvard Corporation’s judgment to force President Gay to resign. It’s obvious that no precautions were taken to ensure President Gay was actually qualified for the position. In this case, her only qualification was that she aligned with the extreme ideology of the progressive left.

Claudine Gay, and so many like her on the left, are setting back sixty years for Black Americans who have worked hard to earn their achievements. Our life achievements have now been reduced to carveouts and checking the right boxes. The real tragedy is that it will take decades to reverse these stereotypes and that many truly qualified minority scholars – including ones she plagiarized – were never considered.

Dr. Brenda J. Thiam - screenshot
Dr. Brenda J. Thiam – screenshot

Project 21 Ambassador Dr. Brenda J. Thiam, who holds a doctorate in special education leadership:
During the congressional hearing, Dr. Gay refused to condemn the idea that calling for the genocide of Jews violated Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment.

Not doing so is the reason why she should have tendered her resignation sooner rather than later. There’s no “depending on the context” that justifies such a statement.

University presidents and leaders must do better than this.
source: project 21/national center for public policy research

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