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Duke the Jeweler Robbed and Fatally Shot After Boosie Concert in Houston

Duke the Jeweler killed
Boosie and Duke the Jeweler / Instagram

*Chicago’s Duke the Jeweler (pictured above with rapper Boosie) was reportedly robbed after winning $100,000 in a dice game with J. Prince Jr. He was ambushed and fatally shot while walking to his car, according to multiple reports. 

The robbery and killing reportedly occurred after the victim attended a Boosie Badazz concert in Houston on Monday night.

According to SandraRose, Duke wore $1 million worth of his own jewelry to the concert, which he flaunted in videos on Instagram. In one clip from the gambling game, he is seen counting a wad of cash (see Instagram video below).

Boosie took to social media to explain the events leading to Duke’s killing. 

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Duke the Jeweler shot and killed

“We was in the garage. He must have walked outside to the parking lot. We was in the garage. We heard the shots,” said Boosie in his Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Like they was far away in the parking lot. He must have went to his car or something, bro. Dude was going to make a piece for me, too. Damn. We had a concert last night. Sh-t must have happened when everybody was walking to the car,” he continued. 

As reported by, fans have slammed Boosie for not providing Duke with security while he was in Houston.


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Duke fans have also taken to social media to pen tributes to him.

One person wrote, “Duke the jeweler got killed off rich niggas not be rich niggas can’t have everyone around a lifestyle they can’t have.”

Another said, “So Boosie conspired to have a young successful black jeweler (Duke) killed, yet Zaya wade transitioning was the downfall for black men?”

Peep what Booise had to say about the shooting via the clip below.

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