Thursday, October 6, 2022

Kanye Says He ‘Absolutely’ Has Future Political Aspirations

Kanye West is seen, outside Kenzo, during Paris Fashion Week – Menswear F/W 2022-2023, on January 23, 2022, in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

*Kanye “Ye” West opened up about co-parenting with Kim Kardashian and his political ambitions in a wide-ranging interview with ABC that aired Thursday on “Nightline.”

When ABC News Live’s prime anchor Linsey Davis asked Ye: “Do you have future political aspirations?” The Grammy-winning rapper replied, “Yes, absolutely.”

“That time wasn’t in God’s time,” he said.

As reported by Uproxx, Ye went on to note that he aims to promote “the idea of family, the idea of God, the idea of protecting your children’s innocence for as long as possible.” 

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Ye continued: “When you remove the love and fear of God, you open up the love and fear of everything else. And it’s easier to have sheep when people don’t have God. It’s easier to control the people if people are not controlled by God. Because then they can be controlled by how many likes they have or whatever’s happening on their TikTok or how much money or the perception that people have. But we only have one audience here and that audience is God. And He’s watching us at all times. He’s got my back.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the global hip-hop star said he has “new respect” for his ex-wife Kim and felt sorrow for causing her stress following their spilt.

“This is the mother of my children, and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration, because God calls me to be stronger,” Ye, the recording artist and entrepreneur formerly known as Kanye West, said in an exclusive morning interview that aired Thursday on “Good Morning America.” “I need this person to be less stressed and of the best, sound mind and as calm as possible to be able to raise those children at the end of the day.”

West also noted that he wants to have a say in the upbringing of the four children he shares with Kim.

“As a dad and as a Christian. And I have a right to have a voice on what my kids are wearing, what they’re watching, what they’re eating,” he said. “I have a platform where I get to say what so many dads can’t say out loud.”

Kanye also explained why he wants his children to attend the Donda Academy he created which is named after his late mother Donda West. 

“I’m their dad. It has to be co-parenting. It’s not up to only the woman. Like, men have a choice also. Men’s voices matter,” he said.

Check out more from the interview here.

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