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Lynn Whitfield Dishes on Her Passionate Love Affairs, Plastic Surgery and Sex | WATCH

*The elegant iconic actor Lynn Whitfield drops secrets and laughter with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers.

Whitfield is well loved for her role as Lady Mae in “Greenleaf,” Brandi Web in “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and playing the legendary Josephine Baker among many other film and TV credits.

TV One is making her the subject of an “Uncensored” that you can get on demand right now. The gorgeous Whitfield says it was a shock when she discovered she was a sex symbol.

“I had no idea.  Even at the peak of it, I still  didn’t know.  I thought this business  was a meritocracy that you get everything by merit by being excellent. One day I was talking to this man and he said you are a sex symbol and I was like ‘what are you talking about?’  Guuurl, if I had known, I would have worked it so hard.  If I could find the courage to really go for the sex symbol thing.”

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lynn whitfield

Lynn was married twice but it was her second husband Brian Gibson, who directed her in the “Josephine Baker Story,” that she experienced her most passionate romance.

“The thing about me falling in love with him and him falling in love with me is that I couldn’t consummate it while I was shooting,” she reveals to EURweb Spotlight. “Women get silly when they have sex sometimes.  We get vulnerable and then we get weak.  Even though everything is modern these days and some of our sisters can be hard core like a dude … like OK I can hit it and quit it … most women including myself catch feelings when we’re giving that kind of energy. So I knew what an opportunity Josephine was and decided I could not have sex with him and still focus on my work and exercise my power as this person channelling Josephine.  That’s why we waited until after the film then went straight to London and got married.”

Lynn Whitfield
Lynn Whitfield attends the Time’s Up Luncheon – 2021 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival on August 11, 2021 in Edgartown, MA (Getty)

When she got pregnant she didn’t initially want a baby.

“He (Brian) was a chanter – which as a christian was foreign to me — and he get ups from chanting and says ‘I just saw this little spirit that wants to come and we should let it,'” Lynn shares. “I was like are you crazy?!! I just had the role of the lifetime that every actor, every female actor, every animal wanted to play … playing Josephine Baker.  I just got this shot and that’s ridiculous. It was a whirlwind. But then I had this absolutely gorgeous talented daughter Grace, my muse. We are really cool together although we get on each others nerves so bad, but she is the best of both of us.”

Why did it end in divorce?

“I think with the film it was this incredible interourse of creativity. We thought it would translate to marriage but in film when the director says action you talk and when he says cut you shut up. That’s never going to work in a real marriage,” Lynn jokes.

She says she would love to be more scandalous.  Her favorite fantasy scandal is “to find somebody really hot and energetic. if I were going to be out their dating someone different.  Someone with lots of energy, someone younger and have something really passionate. I could get a lot of ink on that and that would be a fun kind of scandal.”

Lynn Whitfield - Phylicia Rashad
Lynn Whitfield – Phylicia Rashad

But dating can be challenging for an actor of her stature.

“People make decisions about who you are by who you play.  It’s tough. We fluctuate between they think I’m Lady Mae. They think I’m Brandy Web. They think I’m Josephine – looking under the bed for my banana skirt. Some men talk themselves into total fear when they meet me thinking I’m going to be Brandi Web and the first argument we have if I lose my temper they’re like, ‘I knew it. I knew it. Look there it is-Brandi Web.’ I think the good thing like doing “Uncensored” is that people get to see you. I don’t think people would have thought I’m so goofy, silly and fun loving and retrospective and really think of myself as a work in progress.”


As for staying young and beautiful, Lynn recommends Korean spas: “It’s not as much treating the top layers of your skin it’s about the exfoliations so products can be absorbed into your skin. I use Korean scrub rags over my entire body. ”

But you also have to exfoliate inside, she tells Jaz. “That’s really important to how I look outside that I’m really trying to keep my psyche clean inside and keep the youthful creative spirit going and be excited about things.”

Did she have plastic surgery?  You just have to watch the full interview in the video above to find out.

Interview/article by Jazmyn Summers. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And subscribe to her YouTube channel. Video editing by

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Jazmyn Summers



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