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Julissa Bermudez (106 & Park, MTV) Dishes on New Series and Dating |WATCH

*Debuting during Hispanic American Heritage month, popular TV host Julissa Bermudez (BET’s “106 & Park,” Bounce’s “Central Ave.,” MTV) unveils her new show  It’s Me, Julissa! Sundays on Cleo TV One.  She sat down for an exclusive with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers to dish on the new series.

“I love Cleo TV’s empowerment of women, especially women of color,” she shares. “It’s really exciting. You’ll see Dominican culture and my entrepreneurial ventures on my skin care products like the body polish I’ve been working on for over two years. You only get one shot with a saturated industry and its finally out.  You’ll see that journey.  It felt like Murphy’s law –anything and everything that could go wrong did.  Lots of learning curves and lessons that I’ll be sharing.”

The series will bring the culture of the Dominican Republic to the streets of New York including some delicious recipes from the kitchen of her aunt and mom.

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Julissa Bermudez
Julissa Bermudez

“I share stories like how I went on a date with a guy who says over dinner  ‘I’ve got six kids and 5 baby mamas. He was so nice and he had approached me at the gym. I have a problem saying no so I gave him my number. Right now I’m single.  I haven’t done the online dating thing and don’t answer my DMs. I figure if they’re DMing me who else are they DMing,” she reveals to Spotlight. ” Im very traditional.  I never approach men.  I like it spelled out like hey will you be my girl but people are so elusive nowadays.  Men don’t even approach women anymore.  The dude with the 5 baby mamas, he approached me and gave me flowers but  I was like where do I fit in your life. It sounds so loaded”

Not to mention having to split his check a whole lotta ways (lol).

What does Julissa look for in a man? “I gravitate towards kindness. I really like being courted,” she shares. “They can be hot but if they know that they’re hot, I don’t like competing with my man for the mirror.  I would like a little bit older and definitely successful and for me that’s ambitious  I want a teammate essentially.”

And the craziest thing a dude has done to get attention “I was gifted a really expensive diamond bracelet and I hadn’t even kissed the guy.  We rocked for a while but it was long distance so didn’t last.”   Get those diamonds ready fellas.

Watch the full interview and check out the skin care in the video at the top

jazmyn summers headshot
Jazmyn Summers

  Interview/article by Jazmyn Summers. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And subscribe to her YouTube channel. Video editing by



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