Thursday, May 26, 2022

Tamron Hall Show Executive Producer Candi Carter Quits Due to Toxic Set

Candi Carter and Tamron Hall
Candi Carter and Tamron Hall

*Candi Carter, executive producer of the “Tamron Hall Show,” has quit the show amid allegations that the host fosters a toxic work environment.

“Candi was so done with Tamron that she requested that ABC take her off the show,” ABC insiders tell “The environment that Tamron has created on her show is toxic. It is literally bleeding staff.”

Per the report, Carter is the third producer to leave Tamron’s show after TV veteran producer Bill Geddie, who created “The View,” was ousted last year. Talia Parkinson-Jones took over as EP and quickly bounced. 

“Tamron didn’t like that Candi tried to steer the ship and had ideas that clashed with hers, because Tamron believes the only opinion that matters is her opinion,” the source added.

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“When you work with Tamron, it’s her way or the highway. Candi’s now on that highway to a much better job away from the cattiness that is destroying Tamron’s show,” the tea spiller said. 

The insider noted that Candi is partly responsible for the show’s success. 

“Candi is a strong executive who understands what makes news, pop culture and can handle difficult hosts. It’s a real loss for the show, as now it’s all Tamron, all the time,” said the source.

Candi could replace Brian Teta at “The View” following the live TV embarrassment when hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were pulled off set after testing positive for Covid moments before interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris

In July 2020, revealed that 20 employees at the “Tamron Hall” show were fired in what was described as a “giant blood bath.”

Production sources said: “Her name is on the show so she would’ve known what was coming, yet there she is celebrating date night, the night before 20 people no longer have an income. Talk about tone-deaf.”

But according to Hall, no one from her show was fired.

“This story is entirely inaccurate. There were no layoffs or firings; rather, the show is making behind-the-scenes changes and chose not to renew some staff. We appreciate everyone’s contributions to our first season,” she said in July.

Watch her response via the clip below.

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