Friday, September 30, 2022

The Power of Finding Yourself in The New Film ‘Mayday’ | Watch

*Have you ever had moments in life where you just wanted to escape to somewhere else?!

In “Mayday, Ana needs a break from reality and a getaway. We spoke with Grace Van Patten (Ana) about the new film and her role.

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“In the beginning of the film, she’s very broken,” said Patten. “She’s really hanging by a thread and she finds herself in this fantasy world. Ana works as a waitress who’s struggling to find herself. Her best friend tries to help her out of her funk. He pushes her to do more with her life…And one day while Ana is working as a server at a wedding she encounters the bride who seems really distraught and pleads for Ana’s help – by Ana’s reaction, she appears to see herself in the woman.”

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Grace Van Patten in Mayday (2021)

After a freak accident, Ana is propelled into another reality where she encounters a strong army of women. They take her in and began to train her for their war. But Ana soon learns this environment isn’t for her. The women she has encountered want to destroy the male species. When it’s Ana’s turn to take out the men she has second thoughts and begins to rebel. A lot of times we think we want to escape our surroundings but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Ana realizes this isn’t how she wants to live and she’s not like the other women.

“On this journey she really finds her inner strength and power. And is able to go on with her life with her newfound strength,” said Patten.  

But how does Ana escape and return to her reality to live her new life? Find out when “Mayday” hits theaters on October 1st 

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