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Juneteenth TV: ‘The Black Power Hour’ Rewrites the Narrative – Premiering Saturday, June 19 on BOPTV

Nkechi Taifa - The Black Power Hour*Legendary Black Power advocate, Nkechi Taifa, burns up the airwaves with her latest endeavor, “The Black Power Hour.” This fast-paced, journalistic-style show is bringing the heat with insightful interviews and informative experts who reshape the narrative to highlight the strengths and accomplishments of Black people. Nkechi’s fierce truths take viewers on an inside look at the Black Power movement, and how things are rapidly changing in the nation.

“The Black Power Hour,” launching on the “Black on Purpose TV Network” hits the airwaves on Saturday, June 19th, better known as Juneteenth. is the perfect home for Nkechi’s brand of in your face, right now truth. The wholly Black-owned media empire, brainchild of award-winning record producer Michael Campbell, gives African American voices a chance to rise above the rhetoric, to write a new narrative for people of color.

On the “Black Power Hour,” Nkechi is bringing the next phase of the Black Power movement into millions of living rooms through Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Blue Ray Players, and Smart TV’s all over the world. Long held as a clear voice for social justice, Nkechi is using this new platform to round out her views by bringing in experts in the field who show the inequities in this land. Nkechi, honored as Essence Magazine’s 2019 WOKE 100 Black Women Advocating for Change, is the right woman for this time.

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BOPtv logoThe fast-talking fiery host, known for her riveting memoir “Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice,” paved the way for this persuasive show with decades of boots on the ground advocacy for disenfranchised and marginalized people. Each 1-hour episode is chock full of information and historical accuracies to help viewers gain a wider perspective of the Black experience in America. The topic for the premiere episode is reparations — a topic Nkechi has helped to move into the mainstream over the past 30 years. Her guests include Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, architect of the pivotal HR40 federal reparations bill, and Alderman Robin Rue Simmons of Evanston, IL. Simmons, known for creatively using revenue from the Cannabis industry to fund a $10 million dollar reparations fund to repay Black residents for decades of housing discrimination. These two giants, in the fight for equality, join Nkechi for a frank discussion on the progress and pitfalls of the reparations debate.

Rounding out the hour is an engaging panel of experts from the National African American Reparations Commission:

* Dr. Julianne Malveaux, economist, political commentator, and president emeritus of Bennett College for Women.

* Dr. Iva Carruthers, general secretary to Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference.

* Rev. Mark Thompson, Host of “Make It Plain” podcast.

* Dr. Ron Daniels, president of Black World 21st Century.

Nkechi Taifa (2021)
Nkechi Taifa

According to Nkechi, “My ‘Black Power Hour’ gives the opportunity for cutting edge issues to be addressed on a widespread basis with commentators who are experts.” Viewers are in for a treat as Nkechi turns the tables on regular talk shows by offering a new worldview that encompasses all Americans. She adds, the “Black Power Hour” is “Not the regular conversation you would see on network television or in the mainstream press, but it gives another perspective.” Followers of the Black Power movement would say the show gives a long-awaited response to the atrocities Black people have endured.

As a convener of the, a progressive voice for justice reform, Nkechi seeks to bring issues to the forefront, including those which were “once on the fringes of society but now are smack in your face.” This Howard grad cries out for a time which she believes has truly come. A time of celebration of all America’s history. Nkechi reminds us that remembrances like Juneteenth were “always a part of the history of this country but it just wasn’t in the history books!”

Nkechi believes the earth has been groaning for a time to right systemic wrongs, and through her “Black Power Hour,” she is sharing ways to heal this land.

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