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Actor Morris Chestnut Stays Relatively Mum About His Marriage / VIDEO

*Since getting his first big break in the movie “Boyz n the Hood” in 1991, actor Morris Chestnut has been pretty open about his life and career.

However, there is one thing about his personal life that seems to be off-limits for Morris:  talking extensively about his marriage to Pam Byse.  It’s difficult to find out a lot about the couple’s 25-year marriage – an eternity in Hollywood – by looking on social media platforms or viewing entertainment shows on television.  Morris and Pam have committed to keeping their marriage to each other a “private affair.”

Yet, inquiring minds, for the right reasons, wanted to know more about the couple.   During a series of interviews with The Breakfast Club, Essence Magazine, and Sister 2 Sister magazine, it appears Morris met Pam at an Atlanta nightclub a few years after he filmed “Boyz n the Hood.”  Before meeting her, he was told by the friends he was with at the club that “she doesn’t give anybody play.”

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Morris, in his mind, wasn’t just “anybody,” so he approached the stunningly beautiful woman.  After meeting her, the two soon began dating.  For Morris, he knew this woman was special and he wanted her as his wife.  The two married in 1995 and went on to have two children:  son Grant and daughter Paige.

Just like any married couple, Morris and Pam, have gone through turbulent moments.  And with Morris being a high-profile actor, rumors of divorce were often spread in entertainment publications.  Yet, rumors or not, Morris and Pam are still together in marriage.

Morris Chestnut - Getty
Morris Chestnut – Getty

However, people wonder why Morris has chosen to keep his marriage so private.  He explained that for some people in Hollywood, their professional lives have ways of creeping into marriages.  On “The Wendy Williams Show,” Morris once said, “It’s best to keep my private life under wraps because the more you put out there, the more stories get made up.”

On “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Morris was asked to tell the secret about his long marriage.  “It all boils down to my wife being an incredible person,” said Morris.  “Communication is important and this includes simply listening and not always trying to figure things out.  And you have to let your wife be the woman, and your wife has to let you be the man.”




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