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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Are You A Trump Lab Rat?

Steffanie Rivers
Steffanie Rivers

*Nearly one million Americans have contracted Coronavirus in the United States. More than 54,900 have died from it in the last six weeks! A disproportionate number of the dead have been African-Americans who suffered from pre-existing conditions. Even though each state has at least one testing site available for residents to get COVID-19 tested, nobody knows how many of the 330 million people living in America have been tested. That’s because state health officials don’t have to report that information to the Center For Disease Control. So they haven’t. 

Yet last week governors in Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and South Carolina relaxed state-wide shelter-in-place quarantines to allow some ‘non-essential’ businesses to re-open. Hair salons, barbershops, and tattoo parlors are back in business. But before you run back outside consider this: It’s not what politicians and doctors tell you that’s most important. It’s what they don’t tell you that’s most important!

If coronavirus is as deadly as medical professionals would have us to believe, why is it safe for blue-collar and no-collar workers to get back to business as usual while most white-collar professionals  – except for healthcare workers – are allowed to stay home? Why is everyone required to wear masks inside grocery stores and other businesses, when just six weeks ago doctors said only medical-grade N95 masks could block the airborne coronavirus while other masks were useless? And how are barbers, stylists and tattoo technicians supposed to provide services, but still practice social distancing?

Could it be this segment of the population is considered expendable, like lab rats in an experiment? Nobody is sure who’s carrying the virus, since at least 98 percent of Americans haven’t been tested. Even CDC experts aren’t certain of all the ways COVID-19 is spread. The virus wasn’t even an issue until just three months ago.

Just as pawns in a chess game are the first to be sacrificed, people who work at and patronize salons, barber and tattoo shops could become the control group in the first step to life after the pandemic.

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lab rat

President Donald Trump knows his approval rating is tied to the stock market. He has been itching to put Americans back to work, because work leads to income which leads to consumer spending and improved stock market results. If Trump had his way everyone would have been back to work by Easter – two weeks ago. But medical experts have advised against lifting shelter-in-place rules.

To avoid taking all the blame for the stock market plunge and to stabilize his approval rating, Trump has been quick to remind voters it’s up to governors – not the president – to lift state quarantine regulations. But you can bet number 45 pushed governors to make the move last week that would benefit him regardless of how it might affect the health and well-being of anyone else.

Maybe this virus isn’t as bad as everyone has made it out to be.  So why not start lifting the self-quarantine by opening golf courses and country clubs? These are establishments where clientele easily can stay six feet apart without compromising the integrity of the game. Why not open churches where parishioners easily can worship while practicing social distancing?

Trump doesn’t want to put his white-collar cronies and evangelical church supporters who put him in office at risk for contracting the virus. And since the 2020 census soon will reveal that White people, although they hold most of the political and financial power, have become the minority population in the United States, Trump can’t risk losing their support by putting their lives at risk any more than necessary.

We all need income to meet financial obligations and support our families. But if you’re part of the expendable population in this coronavirus pandemic at least you should know your role and the risks you take.

From germ warfare testing by the military to lab experiments using prisoners, the mentally ill and the disabled, there’s a 70 year history that proves the U.S. government is not above using its citizens as human lab rats against their will and without their knowledge.

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the DFW metroplex. Email her at with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries.



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