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Shaunie Henderson Talks New Memoir and Why She Doesn’t Regret Her Marriage to Shaq on Today’s ‘Tamron Hall’ | WATCH

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*Today’s “Tamron Hall” features a convo with “Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie Henderson telling why she doesn’t regret her marriage to Shaquille O’Neal. Plus, her current hubby, Pastor Keion Henderson speaks on his viral moment of hushing a church member while preaching. But FIRST, Tamron opens the show telling the hilarious and all too real story of why she was not present at Usher’s Met Gala afterparty last night.

Tamron shares why she didn’t end up going to Usher’s Met Gala afterparty: 
“Last night, the Met Gala, just a few blocks from here…So I stayed up and I watched – Tyla! My goodness, did they just carve her from heaven? Everyone looked amazing! So here’s the deal, I was not invited to the Met Gala and that’s okay because I did get an invitation to Usher’s afterparty. But here’s the truth – so I was like, ‘I have two shows today. We’re live and we do a second show. Let me map it out.’ My husband and I – okay, put the baby to bed. Got the sitter, okay. I said, ‘We will eat dinner at 9:30pm so we can stay up because if I go to sleep, I won’t wake up.’ The party didn’t start ‘til 11:00pm. I gotta be here [at the studio] and up at like 5:30, 6am. So I’m mapping it all out like a 53-year-old mom does. So I’m like, ‘Okay, we got it!’ So we go to this place called The Monkey Bar. I get my burger. I get a glass of wine because I know I have to, I’m going night night. So I have a glass of wine. We’re on our way to the party… I don’t want to miss out. We drove up to The Edition in Time Square and I was like, ‘Man, we gotta go to bed.’ I didn’t get out of the car! Usher, I’m so sorry! Chris Chambers, your team – thank you! But I pulled up and I was like, ‘I’m so sleepy and I have to go live.’ I did it for you all! It’s you! So if y’all weren’t my family, I would have been at Usher’s. So it’s your fault I am here at work!”

OK, now that we got that out the way, “Basketball Wives” creator and entrepreneur Shaunie Henderson joined the Tam Fam to discuss her new memoir, “UNDEFEATED: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms.”

Henderson opened up about her marriage and divorce from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and shares why, despite it all, she doesn’t regret the relationship.

Henderson is then joined by her husband, Pastor Keion Henderson, who set the record straight after the viral video of him hushing a woman during a recent sermon.

Shaunie Henderson opens up about her marriage to Shaquille O’Neal and how she doesn’t regret anything:
“No one writes this manual of how to do life. I wish! I own my space. I own my decisions. I own the fact that I was in complete denial and saw things right in front of me but just like – I was protecting myself, I was protecting my kids. I have this family, right? I didn’t want to be a failure and to me losing my marriage was failing.” Tamron referred to a passage from the memoir that reads, “Looking back, I don’t know that I was ever really in love with the man, but I was in love with the idea of being married to the man I had a family with. I was in love with the idea of building a life together.” Henderson replied,  “Absolutely. I was in love with the partnership that I never got. I didn’t experience a partnership in a relationship until now. But you know, Shaquille and I have a great relationship now and beautiful children. I would not change any part of my story. Not one part of my story, no matter how depressed, how sad, how much of at the bottom I felt. I would not change one part of it because I feel like my reward is now.”

Pastor Keion Henderson and Shaunie Henderson - via Tamron Hall
Pastor Keion Henderson and Shaunie Henderson – via Tamron Hall

Pastor Keion Henderson sets the record straight after viral hushing church incident:
“Well, you know –  social media is into cuts, not context. And every suggestion that I’ve got from every naysayer, I’ve already done. This is a four year battle, right? This is ongoing. So I’ve already talked to her personally, I’ve already had ushers go up to her, I’ve already had prayer warriors. I’ve had everything. So she did it publicly, after being asked not to…As a pastor, I know the difference between disturbance and worship. What people have to understand is that every time you hear noise in church, it isn’t worship and so there has to be order. For instance, it’s okay to applaud in this room right now. But if somebody got up and just started clapping right now, I’m sure somebody would bring order to the room. And so what I did is I brought order to the room so people can hear God and not her. And I would do it again, if I needed to.” 

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