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Rev. Al Sharpton and Girlfriend Aisha McShaw Dazzle at Met Gala w/McShaw’s Designs + Celebrate Seven-Year Romance | PICs

Aisha McShaw - Al Sharpton - photo via ActumLLC.com
Aisha McShaw – Al Sharpton – photo via ActumLLC.com

*Civil rights leader and MSNBC host/commentator Rev. Al Sharpton, 69, has been dating fashion designer Aisha McShaw, 42, since 2017. Despite their seven-year relationship, Sharpton has remained private about their romance, while McShaw openly acknowledged their status.

“I’m his girlfriend,” McShaw said when asked by the NY Daily News to define their relationship. Sharpton, however, refused to elaborate on their dealings and avoided questions about the length of their relationship.

Sharpton separated from his wife, Kathy, in 2004 after 24 years of marriage. A publicist at the time explained that the couple had simply grown apart.

Recently, McShaw’s fashion prowess was on full display at The Met Gala, where she unveiled her men’s line, worn by Sharpton himself. McShaw, too, turned heads in a timeless gown of her own design. Their appearance garnered significant media attention, with major publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, ESSENCE, and W Magazine highlighting their looks.

Ebony magazine praised the couple as among the best dressed, noting McShaw as one of the few Black designers on the red carpet. This moment has solidified McShaw’s reputation as a designer to watch in 2024.

Aisha McShaw's Al Sharpton Met Gala outfit
Aisha McShaw’s Al Sharpton Met Gala outfit – ActumLLC.com

Sharpton, who promised the late fashion legend Andre Leon Talley that he would champion diversity in the fashion industry, praised McShaw for her artistry and creative acumen. He described her as one of the leading designers in the country.

“I was inspired by the enchanting theme ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ at the Met Gala,” McShaw shared. “I set out to craft a gown that seamlessly fuses timeless elegance with modern, daring essence. The flowing silhouette, adorned with meticulous rose cabbage appliques on luxurious celery green fabric, embodies an exquisite blend of delicate beauty and bold allure. My endeavor was to infuse new life into the alluring spirit of fashion and inspire young girls, like me, who aspire to grace the hallowed halls of the Met Gala. Through my creation, I aimed to convey the message that dreams are not only valid but also within reach, igniting a flame of hope and inspiration for those who dare to dream, especially for young girls who look like me.”

Aisha McShaw's Met Gala gown
Aisha McShaw’s Met Gala gown – ActumLLC.com

McShaw, originally from Mount Vernon, NY, burst onto the fashion scene in 2018, making headlines during New York Fashion Week with her debut collection from Aisha McShaw Designs. After an 11-year career in the financial industry, she followed her passion for fashion, creating “made-to-order” items for A-list celebrities. Her designs have been featured in numerous high-profile events and publications.

McShaw’s contributions to fashion extend beyond the runway. She was honored at The Essence Festival for her work and featured in Ebony Magazine for her creative designs for HBCU STEM Queens sponsored by Olay. Her designs have also appeared in films and Broadway productions, showcasing her versatility and creative vision.

Aisha McShaw Designs continues to captivate the fashion world, with McShaw emerging as a powerful voice and inspiring figure for aspiring designers.

For more on Aisha McShaw’s designs, go to www.AishaMcShaw.com

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