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Nicki Minaj Arrested at Amsterdam Airport for Allegedly Carrying ‘Soft’ Drugs Ahead of European Tour | WATCH-it-Happen

Nicki Minaj mugshot
Nicki Minaj mugshot

*Nicki Minaj‘s European tour kicked off with unexpected drama as she was arrested by Amsterdam police upon her arrival in the Netherlands. The arrest, which was captured and posted live on her Instagram, stirred controversy and confusion among fans and the media. The rapper, who is a 12-time Grammy nominee, was detained by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee for allegedly carrying drugs.

In a video shared on Instagram Live, Minaj, visibly shaken, objected to the allegations as she was being escorted by officers.

“I’m not carrying drugs,” she asserted, her voice tense, pleading for her “lawyer present” while requesting explanations from the authorities.

Robert van Kapel, spokesperson for the Marechaussee, confirmed to The Independent, though without naming Minaj, that a 41-year-old American had been detained.

“We did a check at Schiphol Airport and found soft drugs with her. It’s illegal to export soft drugs in the Netherlands,” van Kapel stated.


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The unfolding drama captured in Minaj’s social media posts revealed her frustrations and claims of intrusion. “They said they found weed,” she tweeted, explaining further that the pre-rolled joints found were not hers but belonged to her security staff. She added, “They took my bags without consent,” implying a breach of her privacy and hinting at possible legal battles.

Despite the tense situation, officers in the video appeared to make reassurances about her show schedules. Minaj’s European leg of the Pink Friday 2 World Tour includes a performance in Manchester, England, followed by subsequent shows in Birmingham and other U.K. cities.

The Netherlands, known for its liberal stance on marijuana, still maintains legal boundaries. Minaj’s bags had pre-rolled joints, a common sight in Amsterdam, but problematic when found in luggage intended for export. Her filming of the entire ordeal, as mentioned on X, exacerbated tensions with authorities, further delaying her travel plans. “Filming every single thing made them really mad,” she noted, alluding to friction between her and the police.

As fans await clarification and the next steps in this unfolding saga, one thing is clear: The spotlight remains intensely

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