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Mo’Nique Brings Creepy Audience Member Encounter to Roseanne Barr | WATCH

Mo'Nique (on stage) - Getty
Mo’Nique – Getty

*For any entertainers, encounters with fans come with the job. For Mo’Nique, a recent encounter with a fan will remain with her in a unique way.

During an episode of “The Roseanne Barr Podcast,” the former “The Parkers” star brought her creepy experience to her “soulmate,” the podcast’s host Roseanne Barr, Madame Noire reports. The pair were discussing being a successful woman in Hollywood when Mo’Nique mentioned a comedy show she did in New York City. It was there that the Oscar-winning funny woman noticed an audience member sitting in the front row.

The kicker was the showgoer was wearing shades in the building, a fact that had Mo’Nique confronting the man during her set over his choice of eyewear.

“This guy had on sunglasses in the front row,” the “Precious” entertainer” recalled as she told the man, “‘I need to be able to see you.’”

The guy laughed off Mo’Nique’s remark, she told Barr. From there, the encounter took a chilling turn when Mo’Nique asked the stranger later in the comedy show to take his shades off.

“He lifted up his glasses, and everything was black,” she confirmed to Barr, adding that she witnessed pure blackness.

Once Mo’Nique felt the guy’s energy, Madame Noire described the moment as turning “gravely creepy.”

“The energy I got from him was ‘Do you want to comment?’” the “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” fixture said. “I looked back at him, and the energy I gave him was ‘I’ma mind my business and walk my ass back down to the other side of the stage. I’m not questioning s**t. Keep your glasses on.’”

Keeping the peace, Mo’Nique confessed she even bought the audience member a drink. Mo’ was tightlipped about what she saw, but that didn’t stop those on social media who debated over what they THINK the “Soul Plane” actor may have seen.

The main theory, according to Madame Noire, was the possibility of “demons and shapeshifters walking among us”

“I think they are trying to groom us to believe in this disorder when [the] whole time it’s really demonic beings living among us,” a commenter insisted, as another user suggested a cover-up with Mo’Nique’s situation. “They trying to cover up and normalize that we’re amongst other beings and some people are really demonic in human form,” the other user said.

Demon Face Syndrome - courtesy A. Mello, et al
Demon Face Syndrome – courtesy A. Mello, et al

Mo’Nique’s creepy ordeal isn’t the first time demonic happenings have generated headlines.

Citing a CNN report, Madame Noire mentioned a 59-year-old man named Victor Sharrah who has a rare condition called “prosopometamorphopsia, or PMO, in which parts of the faces of other people appear distorted in shape, texture, position or color.” The condition, also known as “Demon Face Syndrome,” has produced opposition from social media followers, the site noted.

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