Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Black Author Left Outraged After Customer Receives Book with Hitler Photo, Nazi Symbols | Video

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*A Black author from Harlem was left shocked, disappointed, and puzzled when a customer purchased his latest book only to receive one that had a photo of Adolf Hitler inside it along with Nazi symbols.

Author Ash Cash learned that the publisher, Lulu Direct, allegedly misprinted his memoir, entitled “From The Block to The Bank: How to Make the Most of Your Circumstance to Maximize Your Full Potential.” The tome was printed with the correct cover but the wrong text inside. The customer who received the pro-Nazi manuscript revealed the bamboozle in an Instagram video.

“I am a respected scholar and educator that promotes Black entrepreneurship and Black excellence. It is a hurtful slap in the face that my book somehow got confused with another book promoting Hitler’s teachings and philosophies,” Ash commented, as reported by Black Enterprise

Watch the IG video of the Hitler/Nazi mix-up below.

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Lulu Direct is a self-publishing platform for authors and the company has yet to explain how Ash’s book was printed with Nazisms on every page. 

“I don’t even believe that this happened by accident,” said Ash. “ I think it was intentional because I just can’t understand how one of the country’s largest publishers of independent books could make the mistake of inserting racist material about a man notorious for destroying and exterminating humanity into my book.”

Several Instagram users agree that this was no accident, one person commented “I’m sorry this was intentional. You can’t convince me otherwise.”

Another said, “That is no accident. That book is banned in Germany because it laid out the steps he took to organize his followers. Who owns this publishing company?”

A third wrote, “That is beyond just negligence!! Please bring this to your lawyer.”

Ash Cash is now urging customers to buy his book on Amazon instead of Lulu Direct.

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