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Orlando Brown Shoots His Shot at Mariah Carey | Video

Orlando Brown
Orlando Brown during New York Premiere of Disney’s “The Cheetah Girls” at La Guardia High School in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

*Orlando Brown recently spoke with Cam Capone News about how he tried to shoot his shot at Nick Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey

“That’s So Raven” actor allegedly hit up Carey’s DM, telling Cam Capone that he “wanted to f*** Nick’s b***h and do a song.”

As reported by MadameNoire, Brown said, “But you have to understand y’all they like me to say crazy s***. So, if I don’t say no crazy s*** and I don’t give these n****a nothing—then it won’t go viral.”  The actor continued, “It would be awesome if I could do a interview with her (Mariah Carey) she did say it’s a possibility.”

Brown went viral last month after his bizarre claim that rapper Bow Wow has “some bomb ass p*ssy.”

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The former Disney star made the comments during a recent interview with comedian Funny Marco. When asked if he has beef with the pint-sized star, Brown replied: “I ain’t got a problem with Lil Bow Wow. Lil Bow Wow got some bomb ass pussy,” he said in the video clip below, as reported by Complex

It wasn’t long before Bow Wow caught wind of Brown’s statements and responded in tweets that have since been deleted. 

“Since when legends GOT TO speak on fuckery?” Bow Wow tweeted. “Im filming my new tv show as we speak and preparing for a sold out show at the o2 arena for the millennium tour in London…Ima 35 yr old father i dont play them type games. You do know this bow u talking to right. I AM A BOY DAMON.”

After Bow Wow watched Brown’s interview with Funny Marco, he came back with more to say. 

“Dawg im just now seeing it,” Bow Wow wrote. “I been wrapped up w work. I be chilling…off the grid not all on the net then ill look up and be trending…they know who names they gotta say to go viral for 24 hours. 🤣 shit be crazy…Tweaked out…but you know dude really need help na im sayn? Thats why we aint trippin on em. Nobody taking him serious. Its sad because he had potential to be great. Its sad. Dem drugs!”

In a follow-up video, Brown urged Bow Wow to embrace his “bomb pussy”.

“[We should] really, really address the fact that you got bomb pussy,” he stated. “You got to tell people the truth, Bow Wow. Tell people the truth, bro. If you got bomb pussy, you got to embrace that pussy.”.

During Brown’s discussion with Cam Capone News, he repeated his previous statement that Bow Wow’s “good p****y”. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Brown claimed Whitney Houston is in Soulja Boy’s body. He also praised Dr. Phil for “really opening the door to truly show people that think they don’t need help to go get help,” and he discussed JAY-Z’s influence on hip-hop.

Watch the full conversation via the YouTube clip below.

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