Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Uvalde Mayor: Robb Elementary School Will be Demolished in Wake of Massacre | VIDEO

*The elementary school where a shooter murdered 19 students and two teachers last month in Uvalde Texas is set to be demolished.⁠

On Tuesday, Don McLaughlin, the mayor of #Uvalde, stated during a tearful council meeting with locals that he didn’t think any student or teacher should be required to return to Robb Elementary School, the scene of the fatal shooting on May 24.⁠

“My understanding — and I had this discussion with the superintendent — that school will be demolished,” he said.⁠

“You can never ask a child to go back or a teacher to go back in that school ever,” McLaughlin added.⁠

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According to reports, there’s no set date for the demolition.⁠

This is not the first time a school has been destroyed after a major tragedy.⁠

In 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was demolished and rebuilt after a gunman opened fire on 20 students and six staff members.⁠

At the council meeting on Tuesday, McLaughlin criticized the difficulty in collecting information from those looking into the fatal shooting at Robb Elementary and the poorly received police response.⁠

McLaughlin expressed his displeasure at not receiving updates on the inquiry, led by the Texas Rangers, a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.⁠

“I’m very frustrated with the way they’re handling it. Very frustrated because, like I said, we’re not getting any information,” he said…to read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile)

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