Saturday, July 2, 2022

Fans Claim Katt Williams’ New Stand Up is NOT Funny – What do YOU Think? | VIDEO

*Have you checked out the new Katt Williams special on Netflix? Well it seems like people are not here for it. Katt Williams took the stage as he released his first standup special in four years. Netflix’s Katt Williams: World War III, a follow-up to his Katt Williams: Great America.

Williams uses his own life as inspiration, as well as tackling social issues such as the war on drugs. He directed himself for the special that took place on Las Vegas.

Fans took to Twitter to let it be known that this standup was not it. Not only are fans complaining of the jokes, or lack thereof.

But one fan even says the sound on the special is off. Netflix did say that having the show in Las Vegas made things a little more complicated because it’s such a lively place.

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Katt Williams Netflix Comedy Special - screenshot
Katt Williams Netflix Comedy Special – screenshot

Maybe this wasn’t the comeback Katt Williams, was hoping for. Check out some responses below …

authortashahutchison: I love Katt, but I couldn’t finish it.

karin4katt: I hate to say it but facts 🥴 and I’m a fan of his comedy shows but this one 🥴

wizardking_key: He use to be the funniest N! 😂😂😂 but he def fell slam off cause why he talking about chicken 😂

krystal.lbaby: Definitely wasn’t one of his best stand ups. I didn’t start laughing until the end. And I love me some Katt Williams but yeah. This could have never happened and I would’ve been fine.

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