Thursday, May 26, 2022

Women 40 and Over, LEARN How to Live Longer and HEALTHIER with Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand | LISTEN

*This episode of Underground Magnolia Podcast features a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand, a board-certified OB/GYN for 20 years and the Founder and CEO of The Estrogen Doctor Company, LLC.

After being in private practice for several years in the greater Orlando, Florida area, Dr. LaReesa, as she’s affectionately known as, wanted to focus more on than routine gynecological exams and obstetrician duties.

As a Black woman doctor treating mostly Women of Color, she decided to take an integrative approach to her practice by combining traditional medicine with holistic methods to help women to not only live longer but to have a healthy life filled with energy and vitality.

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Underground Magnolia Podcast - Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand
While her goal is to help all women have healthier lives, she realized that hormones are not a joke and that women 40 and over need specialized guidance.

So, sit back with a cup of coffee and take notes from the Louisiana native, who graduated from the renowned pre-med program at Xavier University of Louisiana (an HBCU). She also went to Louisiana State University (LSU) for medical school.

The podcast will tackle Dr. LaReesa’s focus on the women’s hormone space and the differences between women over 40 and women under 40. Other topics include menstruation (are period panties hygienic?), menopause, and breast cancer prevention. Plus, she will not mince words about the controversial medical treatment of Black women during the stages of pregnancy and childbirth.


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