Thursday, May 26, 2022

Black Conservative Pundits Begin Hate Campaign Against Kaepernick Docu-series | WATCH

*Whenever a phenomenon occurs that seemingly offsets the status quo of white supremacy and white nationalism in America, there will inevitably be those individuals with roots within a marginalized community who’re then marched out and paraded around in front of mainstream media under the auspices of refuting any information that counters the common societal narrative.

Recently, former NFL player and current businessman Jack Brewer was on FOX News to speak out against Colin Kaepernick’s new Netflix docuseries “Colin in Black and White,” written and directed by Ava DuVernay and narrated by Kaepernick himself.

Within the docuseries, Kap compares the NFL’s draft combine to slave auctions. Though this juxtaposition has been made innumerable times, Brewer’s sudden appearance on a major cable news network is telling.

“I’ll tell you what this new Colin Kaepernick doctrine is the single largest threat to black men in United States of America because it has them thinking they’re victims and they’re living in the most prosperous the most opportunity in any country”

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In his diatribe, Brewer also says Colin has an “evil and anti-American” spirit.  Though Kaepernick has never harmed anyone nor told anyone else to do so, he’s evil and anti-American, huh?

Indeed, the man’s talking points seem straight out of Tea Party strategy book. Talk about black-on-black crime, check! Mention low literacy and education rates, check! Mention that NFL players should be privileged to put their lives on the line for millions of dollars, check, check and check!

However, Brewer wasn’t the only one to get his shots in.  Long time conservative-leaning journalist, Trump apologist Jason Whitlock took to Twitter to gives his two-cents as well as political commentator Clay Travis.

Ricardo A. Hazell began his career in journalism in 1996 as a Research Intern for the prestigious Editor & Publisher Co. His byline has appeared in The Root, Washington Post, Black Enterprise and he helped define culture within the African Diaspora as Senior Cultural Contributor at The Shadow League. Currently working on the semi-autobiographical novel "Remorse".




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