Friday, September 17, 2021

Yvette Nicole Brown Defends Joy Reid After Nicki Minaj Calls Her ‘Coon’ Over Vax Comments

Nicki Minaj - Joy Reid
Nicki Minaj – Joy Reid / Getty-MSNBC screenshot

*After being called a “coon” by Nicki Minaj, actress Yvette Nicole Brown is coming to Joy Reid’s defense.

As it was previously reported, the MSNBC host reprimanded the rap star after she publicly shared her take on the COVID-19 vaccine and was accused of spreading “misinformation.”

To keep you up to speed, earlier this week, Nicki Minaj announced that she would not be attending this year’s VMAs or the annual Met Gala. She took to Twitter on Monday to explain exactly while she had to sit out for these major events. In a series of tweets, Minaj said that she didn’t want to risk her infant’s health just to be “seen.”

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yvette nicole brown
Yvette Nicole Brown

“I have an infant with no nannies during COVID. who mad? Not risking his health to be seen. One yaself.” In another tweet she then revealed, “I was prepping for VMAs then i shot a video & guess who got COVID? Do u know what it is not to be able to kiss or hold your tiny baby for over a week? A baby who is only used to his mama? “get vaccinated” Drake had just told me he got covid w|THE VACCINE tho so chile.”

Minaj went on to share that she will be getting vaccinated but when she’s done enough research and feels comfortable enough to do so. While explaining that, she shared an experience about her “cousin in Trinidad” who is refusing to take the vaccine because a friend of his claimed “his testicles became swollen” and “became impotent” as a result of getting the shot, causing his fiancé to call off their wedding.

Minaj’s skepticism didn’t sit well with a lot of people, including MSNB’s the “ReidOut” host, who condemned the rapper on air.

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