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Dr. Umar Johnson is Off the Market After Marrying 2 Women [Photo + Video]

Dr. Umar wedding via Twitter
Photo via Twitter

*Over the weekend, famed school psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson reportedly married two women on Instagram Live.

Here’s more from Ace Showbiz:

On Sunday, the 47-year-old’s official Instagram page posted a photo from his wedding. Footage from the supposed weekend nuptials has also circulated online. In one clip, the two women walked down the aisle side by side. After delivering a speech, Umar was seen getting on his knees as he put on a ring on one of the women’s fingers. He kissed her hand and she, being nice and all, helped the second woman by offering to hold her flower bouquet while Umar did the same to the second woman. Umar then took turns to hug both women. He later stood between his new wives again and wrapped his hands around them as the crowd cheered. 

Watch the magical moment via the clip below.

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Johnson, a clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist, uses multiple platforms to speak out and correct what he deems “the miseducation” of black youth attending public schools in America.

“I’m on a mission to unite African people, and to wake up black parents as it relates to their obligations to protect their children inside these houses of sin, otherwise known as public schools,” Johnson told EURweb’s Lee Bailey during a 2017 interview.  “The war against black boys is one of the major crises facing black America.  So being an activist and being a school psychologist, I’m able to bring both my walks of life together to try to aid and benefit the struggle of my people.”

Johnson is also founder and president of the National Independent Black Parent Association (NIBPA), which he organized to find solutions to stop educational and academic racism in such areas as special education, school discipline, school finances, social support/services, school policies, homeschooling, and parent advocacy.  The organization recently held a two-day (January 27 and 28) Regional Training Conference in San Diego, Calif.

Additionally, Johnson has authored the riveting book, “Psycho-Academic Holocaust:  The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.”

“This is the only book currently in print that teaches black parents the ins and outs of the miseducation machine,” said Johnson.  “The book is about how special education and ADHD work to marginalize and disenfranchise black boys in America.”

Johnson, who says he’s a blood relative of iconic abolitionist/orator Frederick Douglass, knows that moving black people from dependency on white America has been historically slow.  He also believes that white people have historically used the “divide and conquer” techniques that continue to manifest into why black people hate each other.

“Because we are self-hating people, we love nothing more than conflict and a good fight between each other,” said Johnson.  “That’s why anytime something negative occurs it gets way more attention than something positive.”

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