Friday, September 17, 2021

One Dallas TV Personality Has a Divine ‘God Shift’ and Moves From Disruption to Destiny

Shayna Rattler
Shayna Rattler

*Dallas, TX — The worldwide pandemic has claimed over one-third of small business with thousands going belly up during the lockdown. The international disruption has thrown many into dismay, but one industry giant says disruption is a chance to shift into a greater destiny and possibility.

Meet Shayna Rattler, once known as the Corporate Attraction Coach, now empowers leaders to collide with God’s purpose for their lives. Shayna, who once had a burgeoning business that dried up, has found a new purpose. The sought-after speaker, with over 450 media features to her name, is counting it all joy as she merges her acumen of personal growth and love for God’s people into a new lane for marketplace ministry.

The dynamic mover and shaker is now shaking things up in the Kingdom of God with the God Shift movement. Shayna says she is the most unlikely candidate to deliver God’s Word to the masses, but the Father often chooses the most unlikely people to do His work. According to Shayna, God has purposed her to reach the “up and out, not the down and out.” Her focus is on leaders and influencers because she speaks their language.

The three-piece suit and evening gown crowd needs to hear about God from one of their own who can scream out loud the message of the Lord; “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through Him.” John 3:17 (NIV). Shayna’s boisterous personality and witty banter reaches into the entertainment and business arenas with a loud voice to those who do not want church as usual.

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A God Shift book coverShayna Rattler, the intuitive author of “A God Shift: A Divine Move from Disruption to Destiny” released earlier this year, did not grow up in a church-going household where you learned the biblical stories at an early age. She does, however, remember her grandmother combing her hair and sending her off to Sunday School with a dime in hand for the offering plate, which she reluctantly deposited. Years later, she started attending church with her boyfriend and his family while in high school, and when she entered her twenties she became baptized and a member of a local church. In her thirties she attended a women’s conference where she saw the power of God being manifested in believers.

There was a move of God during the service and people were being healed and delivered. She defines the experience as “taking the lid off God’s power” in your life. It was then that she started getting serious about her faith in God. Shayna says, “when I take on something I go all in,” and as of this October, the marketplace minister will be ordained a Prophet under the Well of Worship Global Ministries.

Among the many facets of her achievements is her podcast, which addresses timely topics like navigating grief, and allowing God to rein. Shayna’s list of accomplishments continues with the premier of “A God Shift with Shayna Rattler” TV show now streaming on Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TV. The growing list of exciting guests include Pastor Mia Wright, actor David Ibrahim, and cancer thriver Lisa Manyon.

Shayna Rattler1
Shayna Rattler

Shayna is heeding the call to speak the truth to influencers, dignitaries, and world changers.  This curly-headed powerhouse with a 100-watt smile is making inroads in the greenroom and boardroom, shining the light of God through the hallways of Fortune 500 companies, red carpet premieres, and beyond. For more information on the shows or the book, visit
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