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Mint Condition’s Stokley Williams Revealed Why Group Didn’t Support Member’s Marriage to Toni Braxton [VIDEO]

(L) Toni Braxton and then husband/former Mint Condition member, Keri Lewis; (R) Stokely, lead singer of Mint Condition

*Mint Condition’s lead singer Stokley Williams revealed in a 2017 interview with VLAD TV that the group was not too pleased when keyboardist Keri Lewis wed singer Toni Braxton in 2001.

Keri and Toni’s marriage lasted for 13 years, but they separated by the 8-year mark in 2009, as reported by I Love Old School Music. The ex-couple made their divorce official in 2013. Years later, tea was spilled about why Keri’s group members were left distraught when he tied the knot with Toni.

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Here’s what ILOSM wrote:

In an interview with Vlad TV, Stokley revealed that Keri and Toni B. met when they were an opening act for her back in the day. Everything was all good, until a short while later, Keri told them he’d fallen in love with Toni and therefore was saying ‘Peace out’ to the group…forever. 

Anywho, not only did Keri’s sudden departure sting his group members -because they were like family and felt betrayed- it also briefly affected the fate of the group’s future. According to Stokley, after Keri split quicker than we could say “Unbreak my heart,” it caused Mint Condition’s signature live band sound to change. Their fans apparently didn’t adapt as quickly to that change and it showed in record sales at that time. 

Stokley ended up attending Toni and Keri’s wedding. 

Watch him recall the group’s bitterness about Toni and Kerri’s union via the clip below.

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