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Mariah Carey’s Brother Claps Back at Her Response to His Defamation Lawsuit

Mariah Carey and her brother Morgan and mother Patricia in 1989 / Twitter

*Morgan Carey sued his famous sister for defamation in March over claims made about him in her 2020 memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.”

According to TMZ, Morgan says his reputation has been damaged over Mariah’s allegations that he’s a brute. In her book, she recalls an alleged fight that he had with his father and hinted he was violent towards their mother. 

In his suit, per PEOPLE, Morgan notes a passage in the book that says: “It took twelve cops to pull my brother and father apart. The big bodies of men, all entangled like a swirling hurricane, crashed loudly into the living room. I was a little girl with very few memories of a big brother who protected me. More often, I felt I had to protect myself from him, and sometimes I would find myself protecting my mother from him too.”

Morgan claims actual fights with his father never happened when Mariah was a child. In response to his suit, Mariah, through her lawyers, said she never meant to defame Morgan, instead, she wants her truth to serve as “inspiration” to others with similar experiences.

“The story of Ms. Carey’s rise from a dysfunctional and sometimes violent family environment has significant public value, particularly to any young person who may find her/himself stuck in similarly harsh and dispiriting circumstances and who can benefit from the inspiration to employ their talents in pursuit of their dreams,” the filing read.

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In an affidavit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, Morgan slammed Mariah’s response, calling it “particularly ironic.”

“This is coming from someone whose public behavior includes glamorizing her excessive drinking, and coining the now popular term ‘splash’, as well as other behaviors which would be in poor taste to mention here,” Morgan wrote, as reported by PEOPLE.

Morgan also finds it odd that his sister failed to mention his childhood struggles with “Cerebral Palsy, Grand Mal Epilepsy and a two-inch leg disparity.”

“This detail is conspicuously absent, which makes it clear that ‘inspiration’ was not on the agenda,” he wrote. “Mariah’s agenda merely focused on book sales and her image, all at my expense with no regard to the truth or my well-being during this world crisis.”

Morgan also points to Mariah’s conversation with Oprah to promote her book, during which she said her family “drew first blood, historically,” therefore, she wasn’t holding back details about their personal lives.

“This clearly indicated her intention to harm me,” Morgan said, noting that her “libelous vitriol” continues to be “immeasurably damaging and hurtful to myself and those closest to me.”

Morgan’s lawsuit also mentions “negotiations” about a screenplay he and his wife penned that were “abruptly and without explanation terminated congruently with Mariah’s malicious global assault on my character and reputation.”

“The public humiliation of Mariah’s baseless and false attacks will forever color my professional and personal interactions,” he said.

Morgan is seeking damages for defamation and emotional distress.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s sister Alison has also slapped her with a lawsuit over the memoir. She is seeking $1.25 million for “the infliction of immense emotional distress caused by defendant’s heartless, vicious, vindictive, despicable and totally unnecessary public humiliation of defendant’s already profoundly damaged older sister.”

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