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‘Celebrity Family Feud’: A Bawdy Loni Love Reveals How She Likes Her Male Strippers | WATCH

Loni Love & Steve Harvey
Loni Love & Steve Harvey on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ – Photo, courtesy of ABC

*What’s the one piece of information that you wish you’d kept a poker face while revealing in a group game? Yes, well we all probably have a few things that we slipped up in sharing, and if it was recorded on live television, that might even make it more comical.

This weekend’s Steve Harvey’s “Celebrity Family Feud” features JoJo Siwa vs. The D’Amelio Family and Ross Mathews vs. Loni Love. It’s the definition of pop culture clash as dancer JoJo Siwa and her family also compete against viral social media stars the D’Amelio family to win money for their respective charities, reports Bossip.

But the real tea was when Love reveals an intimate detail of how she prefers for her adult fun, which had the crowd in tears of laughter with her brutally honest response.

Harvey is already a character, so to see his reaction to this survey, on top of Love’s and her significant other, James Welsh, was absolutely priceless.

Wen you check out the sneak peek below, you’ll see what we mean.

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Hilarious, right? Loni Love’s laughter and facial expressions alone gave it all away!

Here’s a breakdown of the lineups from the episode:

Team Ross Mathews; television personality; playing for Free Mom Hugs

Dr. Wellinthon Garcia – fiancé
Eric Mathews – brother
Christopher “CJay” Jordan – best friend
Taya Faber – best friend

Team Loni Love; Emmy® Award-winning comedian/author; playing for Project Angel Food

James Welsh – actor/business owner
Brian Welsh – business owner
Rosa Brice – engineer
Ken Browne – engineer

Don’t miss the new episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” tomorrow, June 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.

Chantelle Adanna
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