Friday, August 19, 2022

Mariah Carey Gets Vaccinated and Lets Out Squeals, Err, High Notes / WATCH

Mariah Carey - vaccination (Instagram)
Mariah Carey – vaccination (Instagram)

*Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to get vaccinated and she shared the experience with the world.

The superstar got her COVID-19 shot over the weekend and she celebrated the occasion by hitting her high notes in a fun video on Instagram.

In the clip, a medical professional tells her about the procedure, but she jumps in to say, “This is distracting them from doing their job, but you know how I am, I just talk and don’t really think about it.” She then reflected on a video she uploaded last year of her which showed her family washing their hands: “Here we are, all the way from that first post … trying to encourage people to be really safe, and, you know we’re still in this battle together,” Carey said before getting her shot. She also captioned her post, “Vaccine side effect: G6.

Afterward, the pop diva cheered and clapped, although she said it’s “only part one.”

When the administrator pointed out that Carey’s arm didn’t bleed, she replied, “See? I’ve proven my point, I am actually a vampire.”

“Here we are, hoping for the best,” she concluded. “Encouraging you guys to do it when you can, and we’re all in this together, as we’ve said. Love you much!”

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