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Monti Washington Defying All Odds with the Help of ‘Bruh!’ (EUR Exclusive!) / WATCH

monti washington
Monti Washington

*EURweb recently sat down with one of the stars of  Tyler Perry’s new “Bruh” series on BET+, Monti Washington, to talk about his acting journey, his road to success and thriving against all odds.

Washington’s story is an all too familiar story, with a less than familiar ending. You see, he started his life “against all odds.” From drug-addicted parents to sleeping in parks, writer, actor, model and motivational speaker, Monti Washington, has had quite a journey to living out his American Dream.

Because of the constant change and frequent moving around as a foster child, Monti was determined to break the stigma and stereotypes of foster children and decided to take action to reach his goals and follow his dreams to become an actor and motivational speaker.

Monti Washington has can be seen on a number of TV networks including CBS, Spike TV, UMC and as we already mentioned, BET+. You’ll find him in recurring roles as Terrence in BET’s new drama series, “Games People Play,” Vaugn in UMC’s “Stuck With You” and as mentioned, is one of the new leads of Tyler Perry’s newest TV series “Bruh.”

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When he is not acting, Washington is a motivational speaker who has impacted thousands of students’ lives nationwide. Recognized as “America’s Adversity Coach” for his ability to show students how to turn any adversity into real-life success, Monti Washington demonstrates to students how to achieve, overcome, and turn obstacles and adversities into real-life success.  And it all started with the vision he had for his life and a Shakespeare play!  He knew he wanted to be an actor from that moment forward and channeled all of his inner strength to become what he envisioned.

As far as the Tyler Perry series, “Bruh,” he plays lead character, Bill, a successful architect who is navigating his relationship with women and coming across a few obstacles along the way.

When EURweb spoke with Washington about these obstacles, he said his character – like his own real life – “didn’t realize what he had, until it was gone.”

In relationships, he went on to say, often times men don’t realize that they’ve met “the one” until “the one” is no longer in their lives.  This is the case with his character Bill whose long term girlfriend is now getting married to someone else and he is having an adverse response to it all.  His character is just realizing that he cannot let Regina (his ex-girlfriend) get married to someone else. He now has a wedding to stop!

Bruh” on BET+ returned from its mid season break September 10, 2020 with episodes 13 and 14, titled “Playing with Fire” and “On Thin Ice” respectively.  Both episodes have Bill chasing his love and as the titles indicate, perhaps it didn’t go as he planned.

Make sure to catch up on all the “Bruh” episodes, streaming now on BET+ and watch our EURweb exclusive convo above for hints about what is next for Bill and for Monti Washington!





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