Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Dawn Porter’s ‘The Way I See It’ Captures Intimate Moments from the Obama and Reagan Presidencies / WATCH

Dawn Porter
Dawn Porter

*Two distinct presidencies are the subject of a new documentary. We’re referring to “The Way I See It” from Focus Films.

The production is based on the New York Times #1 bestseller of the same name and it gives viewers an unprecedented behind the scenes look into American History.

Pete Souza was the Official White House photographer for Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan’s time in office.

Souza gives an up-close and personal look, at the tremendous responsibility of being the most powerful person on Earth. In it, we watch Souza transform from a renowned photojournalist, to searing political commentator.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker DAWN PORTER – whose work has appeared on HBO, PBS, Discovery and Netflix, among others – directed the film. Her most recent work “John Lewis: Good Trouble” was on the late civil rights icon and Congressman.

EURweb correspondent Jill Munroe spoke with Porter about how she became involved with the project and what draws her to her subjects.

“Making films, you really spend years with your subjects. I look for things that are timeless. That allows us to examine some big questions. For the last several years, I’ve been really interested in what makes people act. What makes people get up off the couch and speak up. Working on both the John Lewis movie and then with Pete Souza, those films really speak to each other.”

“With the congressman, his whole life was about urging people to speak up and use their voice. And with Pete Souza, a man in his 60s, he did just that. Two characters who otherwise, you wouldn’t put them together. I think that they speak to each other.”

Porter says she was approached at an industry event by the producers whom she had never met prior. They said, “Obama has this photographer – first of all, if someone says Obama, you’re like O who? Obama! –  they explained what they wanted to do. He had this good elevator pitch. ‘Obama has this photographer and he took 2 million photos…’ that is interesting.”

The film is in partnership with HeadCount. The goal is to engage eligible voters to register and get out to the polls in November with the #VoteTheWayYouSeeIt social impact campaign. Together, they will support National Voter Registration Day on September 22nd, and share registration and voting resources through November 3, 2020 via

The film is in theaters on September 18, and will air on MSNBC on October 9.




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