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Alive 2020…FREE Adult Single Christian Event. This Year’s Theme: Imagine!

Back by popular demand…Alive 2020…the best Adult Single Christian Event of the year.  This year’s Theme, Imagine!

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SAMMIE BERRY has served at the Dallas West Church of Christ for 41 years – his first 21 years as the Minister of Personal Evangelism, and since then both as an Elder and the Pulpit Minister. Sammie grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and is a 1975 graduate of Harding University, where he enjoyed being part of Harding’s football team as he earned his degree. He is a licensed CPA and has been married for 41 years to Renee. They are proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters, Jessica and Jennifer. Sammie’s mission in life is to “help others, especially with Spiritual matters.” As he actively serves and pursues this mission, he has taken on several roles in the community: Chairman of the DAPCL (Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders), member of the Harding University President’s Council, member of the Lifeline Chaplaincy Development Board, President of the United Christian Basketball League, and Treasurer of the Southwestern Christian College Beautification Program. Of particular note, Sammie was the lead and primary minister caring for the family of Botham Jean, following the tragic shooting and death of Botham in his apartment by a Dallas Police Officer, on September 6, 2018.  Botham attended the Dallas West Church of Christ, regularly leading their worship.  Sammie has maintained his relationship and involvement with the Jean family. Sammie is a strong supporter of the Social Justice movement, both in Dallas and across the US. Among the many things Sammie enjoys, watching major sports is a favorite… especially football and basketball.


BEN GLOVER is an LPC and a Co-Owner of Turning Point Counseling in Oklahoma City. Ben grew up all over the US with a stay-on-ship Navy father and stay-at-home mother.  At OC he earned a BA in Youth Ministry and a Masters in Ministry. Since college, Ben has served in 5 different churches, filling a variety of roles: youth deacon, youth minister, family minister, senior minister, and currently is an Elder at the Oakcrest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.  He and his wife, Elaina, have been married 39 years. Ben completed his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy 8 years ago, earned his LPC, and started Turning Point daughter Tara, who is also an LPC. His philosophy of the art of therapy “is knowing when and where to make applications and interventions and building a sacred space of trust and healing.” Turning Point has been especially invested in those affected by COVID-19, taking extra steps to provide help and healing to many during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Each of the group’s counselors have provided special attention for their clients, first responders, health providers, and their community. Ben and Elaina have been blessed with 4 successful, grown children: daughter Tara is an LPC, daughter Mikayla owns a successful hair studio, son Logan is a thriving youth minister, and son Austin is a computer whiz for the largest insurance company in the US. Ben loves God who gave him this great life, has a great sense of humor, and really enjoys a great game of ultimate Frisbee.

ALIVE 2020 is a FREE “in person” with very safe, social distancing, and virtual conference for Christian single adults and ALL friends, taking place at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, TX.

We are in our 14th year of this special gathering single adults and friends coming together to connect, encourage, inspire, and empower one another toward exceptionally meaningful and purposeful life with our God and others.  And how great will it be to have an opportunity to gather, in person or virtual, during a crazy pandemic experience like this culture of 2020!

Our gathering will be highlighted by special presentations from Sammie Berry, minister of the Dallas West Church of Christ (Dallas, TX), person most active in ministering and caring for the family of Botham Jean, following the death of Botham by a Dallas police officer.

Also at our conference will be Ben Glover, Licensed Professional Counselor (Owner of Turning Point Counseling in OKC) and long-time minister and now elder with the Oakcrest Church of Christ in OKC.  Possibly most significant of all, we will have excellent opportunities for all those attending in person or virtually around the country and the world to participate in interactive “Breakout Groups”, sharing insights and experiences that will encourage and inspire!

We hope you will be able to join us for this very powerful and timely experience!

IMAGINE…our world, all countries, our country, our cities, our neighborhoods, our churches, our schools, our families, all people, with all of our differences, living in peace and harmony together.

IMAGINE…a world where each person is committed to listen, understand, appreciate, with honor, dignity, respect, and to love one another more than seeking to be heard, understood, appreciated, and even loved.

IMAGINE…having experienced very difficult circumstances, finding a meaningful, gratifying, and fully abundant life, and even more, helping others do the same.

IMAGINE…overcoming hurt, disappointment, discouragement, loneliness, isolation, a Coronavirus pandemic, racial challenges, relationship struggles, and many other human difficulties.

IMAGINE…being meaningfully connected to others in significant, healthy relationships, providing connection, companionship, and healthy community.

IMAGINE…experiencing a safe and welcoming place, an environment to openly consider, explore, and engage with God an others.

IMAGINE…finding your personal calling and rhythm of serving and living out real life impact in God’s family now.

IMAGINE…a crowd of supporters standing with you, surrounding you, and covering you in all circumstances, reassuring you that in all experiences  life brings, you’re not alone!

IMAGINE…a God that knows you, understands you, loves you, welcomes you, saves you, covers you, empowers you, and gives you freedom and purpose to bring light and love for others!

IMAGINE…all those are possible with Him, and even more than we can ask or…IMAGINE!

For more information: Gary Cochran  (972) 741-7142




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