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Issa Rae’s Call to Action Amid National Protests Over Police Brutality

Issa Rae speaks onstage during the 8th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on February 8, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

*“Insecure” star Issa Rae took to Instagram last week to share a list of the organizations she’s supporting amid the nationwide protests over police brutality

The group’s include, Black Lives Matter, Regional Bail Funds, Defund the LAPD, BLD PWR, National Police Accountability Project, ACLU and Black Table Arts.

The actress/writer also spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about using her platform to call to action her 2.8 million followers. 

“I recognized that so many people felt anxious, overwhelmed and aimless,” she said. “While I saw various anti-racism lists circulating, they each had like 30-50 broadly Black organizations, which is great, but a lot. So, I wanted to consolidate my call to action to a few organizations that kept the focus and mission clear. For me, that mission is to end police brutality and killings.”

When it comes to defunding the police, Rae said: “I definitely fully support allocating the police budget to more social services, and I absolutely support abolishing the police in the long run, and especially in communities that don’t benefit from police services,” she explained. 

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She went on to note, “But we need a comprehensive plan, because too many people can’t see it, and too many people don’t care enough to educate themselves because they operate in a safe bubble. And I don’t think you can talk about abolishing the police in its entirety in this country without addressing gun control and reform. Those things go hand in hand, and I think as long as we have a gun problem, we’re going to have a police problem.”

Rae also revealed that she’s been working with organizations to help put the spotlight on voter suppression. 

“I am having a lot of conversations with organizations and getting more educated,” she said. “Like I think about the primary election in Kentucky, where they cut polling stations down by 95 percent, and of course Black people are most affected. In Louisville, where most Black residents live, they have one station for 600,000 to 700,000 people. That is clear and obvious voter suppression, and that is a decision that’s made at the state level.” 

She continued: “I obviously can’t vote in Kentucky, but I can get the information out about the injustices and put the spotlight on it. These decisions happen on a state level, so it’s so, so important to participate in these smaller elections. People think it’s just about Biden and Trump, but this is where you create true change, in the House and the Senate. If you want to make a difference in stopping this, look up the organization Fair Fight that combats voter suppression.”

Read the full THR interview with Issa Rae here.

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