Thursday, September 23, 2021

Bevy Smith on Her Dad Dying of COVID-19 and the Heartbreaking Social Distancing at his Funeral (Watch)

Bevy Smith and her grandfather
Bevy Smith and her grandfather – The Tamron Hall Show

*Radio and television host Bevy Smith appeared on “Tamron Hall” Tuesday to talk about the tragic loss of her father, Gus Lee Smith, who passed away in a nursing home at the age of 95, she believes due to complications from COVID-19.

When asked how her mother, Geraldine, is handling her husband’s passing, Smith shared that her mother is doing relatively well, saying “We were so concerned because they had been married for 55 years and she fully expected him to come back home and now he’s not ever going to come back home.”

During the conversation, one of five interviews featured on a show completely dedicated to COVID-19 challenges at nursing homes across the country, Smith revealed that her family was actually preparing for her father’s return home when nursing and rehabilitation facilities shut down on March 11. Smith acknowledges that deciding against taking her father out of the nursing home was a difficult decision – one that many families are facing during the pandemic.

Smith also recounted heartbreaking details of her father’s memorial service, sharing that precautions around COVID-19 prevented her family from honoring  him with the military salute he was due as a World War II veteran. Smith also spoke about the strict protocol they followed so her mother could attend the funeral: “My mom had to sit about 15 feet away from everyone in the family. My mom, as you know, is quite the stylish woman. She couldn’t believe when I had to break it to her the day before that not only would she not be able to wear a beautiful outfit to her husband’s funeral, ‘cause he liked to see her look pretty, she was also going to have to wear a bit of a hazmat-esque suit…she was sitting in the corner by herself. It broke my heart.”

Watch below:



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