Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ari Fletcher Criticized For Defending White Women Who Get Dark Tans to Look Ethnic

Ari Fletcher (Instagram)
Ari Fletcher

*Cultural appropriation is a topic that’s been nitpicked to death by millennials and other members of the “woke” generation. In most cases, the perpetrators are white females attempting to modify their aesthetics in some way to appear more “ethnic.”

When this happens and its publicized on social media, it normally triggers outrage from women of color who feel like they’re being mocked or copied by “others” trying to hijack their natural features. The latest example of this issue involves popular social media star Ari Fletcher – an African American female, who’s currently in hot water for defending a group of white women from critics.

The group released a photo of themselves on Twitter flaunting their freshly tanned bodies, but the gesture garnered negative attention from observers who believe tanning is a form of cultural appropriation.

In response to the photo, one critic said, “I’m sorry but I’m tired of this whole aesthetic, I’m tired of looking at mfs who look like this.” Noticing what the user said, Ari responded with, “What does this even mean? This is how they look. Black girls go too hard to prove black is beautiful, we know. But don’t shatter other women.”

Ari Fletcher (Instagram)
Ari Fletcher

People believed Ari was simply missing the point of the user’s tweet and pointed out that s/he had enough of white women who tried to look dark merely for aesthetic purposes. However, the girlfriend of MoneyBagg Yo insisted that the white women didn’t do anything wrong.

In response to one who told her, “She’s talking about white women looking ethnic with tans, thick extensions, etc,” she said, “But so what… they grown they can do what they want. That’s like white girls getting mad at black girls wearing straight hair.”

Her response, naturally, caused more backlash. “Straight hair is genetics, Arianna. Not cultural. I really thought you would understand this. That’s sad,” one said. Mocking her plastic surgery, another replied underneath her post, “I think the silicon finally reached her brain.” Some others said that she should have not said such things and “left this in the drafts,” while there were some who told her to delete the post before it’s too late.

“Ma’am it’s still black history month. Don’t do this,” someone else said. “Ari I love you but straight hair isn’t only a white people thing. Many other races and ethnicities have straight hair and it has no cultural ties to anything…,” another wrote. There was also one who told her, “Girl please just sit out these kind of conversations and just twerk.”




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